How To Use the iPhone Alarm Clock

The iPhone is a revolutionary device that incorporates internet browsing capabilities, calendars and planners, a mobile phone, and many other functions that make life easier. If you have an iPhone, one of the basic features that you should maximize is the alarm clock. Here’s how.

  • Open. First of all, you need to open the alarm clock program that comes preinstalled in the iPhone. You can do this by pressing on the alarm clock icon on the list of programs that are installed in the iPhone. Usually, the alarm clock has an icon that looks like a common office clock.
  • Options. Once you have opened the icon, you will find a button called the ‘alarm’ in the clock. Click on this button so that the various options for the alarm clock will appear. You will see text fields where you will input the exact date and time when you wan t the iPhone to ring the alarm. You can also choose to create multiple alarms. You will notice a plus sign found on the screen. By clicking on this button, you will be given a new set of text fields where you can input the next time your alarm will ring.
  • Schedule. You can also schedule the iPhone alarm to ring every in regular interval. For example, you can set the alarm to ring every morning, or you can set the alarm to ring at particular days of the week. If you want to check the alarms that you have already scheduled, you simply need to click on the calendar function in the iPhone. In the calendar, you should be able to see all the times when you have set the iPhone alarm clock to ring.
  • Snooze. You can also determine whether the alarm will feature a snooze button or not. You can add the snooze function by going to the Snooze tab in the iPhone and then turning on the Snooze button. If you think that the Snooze button will only make you oversleep, however, you can also choose to remove the Snooze button.
  • Settings. There are many other types of settings that you can control when it comes to the iPhone alarm clock. For instance, you can change the type of ringing tone that will play when the alarm clock rings. You can choose from a list of preexisting tunes that are saved in the iPhone itself, or you can load your favorite music MP3s as the song to be played when the alarm rings.
  • Labeling. You can also label the alarms that you have set. For example, if you have set an alarm for your business meeting, you can label this as “business meeting.” This will remind you what the alarm clock is for. This will make the alarm clock work like a reminder system.

Finally, remember that you can also set the alarm to ring based on different time zones. Simply click on the Clock icon in your iPhone and then select from the list of cities where you will be traveling. After you have selected the city, you can create an alarm as usual.


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