How To Write a SMS Text Message on a Blackberry

A Blackberry is one of several smartphones that have flooded the mobile communication market. It includes the most of the functions of a regular mobile phone but the Blackberry is more famous for its capability to receive email messages through WiFi access. It also functions as a personal digital assistance. The Blackberry was developed in 1999 by Research in Motion, a Canadian company. The current line of Blackberry phones were introduced in 2002. It is the second most popular smartphone in the market and the most popular among business users in the United States. Aside from the advance functions of a Blackberry phone, newer models are also equipped with the Blackberry messenger software that allows this smartphone to send and receive instant short text messages. Below are the steps on how to write a SMS text message on a Blackberry.

  • Go to the Home screen of your Blackberry. Press the Menu button located to the immediate left of the track ball. This will display all the menu available on your Blackberry phone.
  • Navigate to the Messages icon using the track ball and click it. Press the menu button once again to bring out the menu for Messages. Choose the Compose SMS text function from the pop up menu using the track ball before clicking it when you have navigated to the right function.
  • If this is a new contact, select the Use Once option. If the contact you are going to send the SMS to is already included in your address book, search for the contact and click it. For a new contact you have the type in the contact’s mobile phone number. Click the trackball after entering the mobile phone number.
  • Use the QWERTY key pad to type your SMS text message. Click the track ball once you are done with typing your short message. The action will bring a pop up menu. Click the Send option to send your message to the selected recipient. You will be taken back to the Messages screen once the short SMS text message has been sent.
  • There are several ways to enter text to type your message. When you use the Sure Type ™ option you will be able to use all the QWERTY keys to compose the message. The multi type mode allows you to press a single key several times to find the exact letter. Pressing the Shift key and the number key will allow you to enter numerals into the message and you can select and insert symbols by pressing the Star key. Pressing a letter key for a few seconds will allow you to use capital letters. If you have several lines of numbers to type you can turn on the number lock by pressing the pound key and the shift key. Pressing the shift key once again will turn off the number lock.

A Blackberry is a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment that is capable of doing more than what is expected from other smartphones. Take the time to explore each function and learn the shortcut keys to so that you can use your Blackberry more efficiently.


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