How To Make a Duct Tape Cell Phone Case

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Duct tape was invented in the 1920s by Richard Drew; in 1943 there were World War II military editions. The color of the duct tape was military green, and its original use was to prevent moisture from entering the ammunition cases. Because the material was waterproof and made of cotton duck, it was later called “duck tape.” The military found out the versatility of duct tape, using it to repair their jeeps, aircraft, etc. Today, duct tape is one of the most useful tools in a household and is available in a variety of colors.

As an alternative to buying a cell phone case, why not create a do it yourself cell phone case or holder made of duct tape? Duct tape cell phone cases are flexible, strong, and durable. A cell phone case made of duct tape is fun to make and it is very unique.

Here are the steps on how to make a duct tape cell phone case:

  1. First, prepare the necessary materials that you are going to use—duct tape (of your choice of color), a pair of scissor, Velcro tape, a cell phone, ruler, cutting board or any protection for the surface, and some decorations, which are optional.
  2. Measure the height, length, and width of your cell phone.
  3. Make a fabric duct tape. You can do this by ripping off some of the duct tape to the size you need, and then turn the duct tape so the sticky side will be facing up. Cover the entire sticky side with the sticky side of another duct tape piece. Cut the edges to make it even. When trying to cut the edges of the duct tape fabric, or making slits, be sure that your cell phone is not inside to avoid scratches.
  4. Put your cell phone in the middle of the fabric duct tape and wrap it around the cell phone. Make a little space inside, just enough to make room for sliding the cell phone in and out from the case. Stick the edges together by cutting another piece of duct tape.
  5. Make another fabric of duct tape, to cover the bottom of the case. Then again, stick together the edges by cutting another piece of duct tape.
  6. Make another fabric duct tape piece that is the size of a flap. Stick the Velcro tape on the case and on the other side of the edge of the flap. Stick the Velcro tape together and then use another piece of duct tape to stick the other edge of the flap on the case. You can also add a clip at the back of the case, to attach it on the pocket or belt.
  7. Now, you can design your new duct tape cell phone case the way you want it. You can also cut a hole so that the screen is viewable while inside the duct tape cell phone case.

It’s unique plus it’s fun to make. Be patient as this is a very sticky activity.


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