Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

What can you do when you need to track a phone number but are uncertain whether this number is mobile or attached to a land line? A few simple steps will allow you to first narrow down what type of phone number you are looking up, and then you can use the appropriate methods to track the origin of the phone number.

Finding free and comprehensive reverse cell phone lookup that gives you the actual name and location of a person is virtually impossible. For a small fee, however, you can definitely find out who's calling you. If you want to trace the cell phone fast, I recommend Reverse Phone Detective. It tells you what kinds of results you can expect before you pay for them. For many, since the price is so reasonable, this saves loads of time and frustration.

  1. 1. Take a look at the White Pages online. Here, you can type in any phone number and view the results, if there are results to be found. Since typically only land line numbers are listed in the White Pages, if the number you entered does not yield any results, you can continue your search with the assumption that either a) you are trying to trace an unlisted phone number or b) the number you are searching for is a cell phone number. Keep in mind that is it even possible for a number to be both unlisted AND a cell phone number.
  2. You can also begin by running a basic reverse phone number lookup, using one of many online services. Most reverse phone number systems will identify a service provider, location of the number, and will often even inform you whether the number is for a land line or cell phone.
  3. If you figured out that the number in question is a cell phone number, you can search for FREE cell phone number directories. Sometimes, if people have chosen to make their cell phone numbers publicly accessible, their information will appear when performing a reverse lookup. However, usually all you will be able to view is the location of the service provider, perhaps narrowing the location of the caller down to a specific county.
  4. There is no such thing as a completely comprehensive, free cell phone number directory, and this is so the privacy of every single person carrying a cell phone may be protected. If the answers provided by a free cell phone lookup service are not sufficient, you will probably need to resort to using a paid reverse cell number lookup service, which will usually cost you a minimum of $15 to find information about a single cell phone number. Buying a reverse phone lookup should ensure that you obtain the name and location of the caller - specific information that free services are unauthorized to provide regarding cell phones.


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