How To Get Text Message Ringtones: Text Message Tones

Use These Tips to Find SMS Tones

Many telecommunications companies have provided their subscribers a variety of text ringtones that can personalize their phones. They charge a minimal amount for every ringtone downloaded to the subscriber’s phone but over time they lose their appeal as everybody has downloaded the same ringtone. So much for individual expression. First we'll talk about what to look for in text message ringtones then we'll address how to find SMS tones.

What makes a text message ringtone trendy?

  • Unique. It should be something that nobody has ever had on his mobile phone. So forget looking at the ringtones that your telephone provider offers because just about everybody has had it downloaded to their phones at some stage.
  • Latest. Look for something that everybody can relate to. For example, if there is a celebrity that everyone’s talking about right now, you could use their song (look for the rarest version) as a ringtone.
  • Interesting. Make sure that the ringtone relates to your personality. It should be something that creates an individual statement. It could be as weird as your bathroom concerto.

Now that you know what kind of text ringtones to look for, you can keep that in mind during your search for text message tones. Some of the places listed below offer free SMS tones, while others will ask you to pay a small fee to download their text message tones. These are the places where you could look for them:

  • Online. The Internet has lots of sites offering free text ringtones. Be careful of some devious websites that ask for your email and phone number. You could get lots of spam messages, which they use for promotion. 
  • Offline. You could use your computer’s audio for a one-of-a-kind text message ringtone. Alternatively, you could also use software converters that convert video to audio files and get that infamous movie line as your ringtone.
  • Voice recorder. Modern mobile phones are usually equipped with a voice recorder. Use that to record unique sounds and mix them up in your computer to make your own ringtone.
  • Mobile provider. This is probably the safest mode of getting the ringtone but you’ve got to subscribe to a live feed which informs you through text message of their latest mobile ringtones.

So now that you’ve got your chic text message ringtones, you should know how to install them in your mobile phone. That factor really depends on where you got the file in the first place.

  • Online. You have to fill out a form on the site where you can type in your mobile model, mobile number and the kind of telecom you’re using. The site then sends the file that your mobile phone automatically downloads or it might send a link, which your mobile could retrieve online.
  • Offline. You have to attach the data cable that comes with your phone or activate its Bluetooth™ if you’re using that one. Turn on the synchronizing program of your phone. Drag the file from your computer to the phone’s sound folder. Disconnect from the program and the cable. Some mobiles have to restart before changing ringtones.
  • Via phone.  Sound files (from the telecom company or voice recorder) are usually grouped in the same folder as the conventional ringtone. Scroll to find it and choose it for text messaging sound.

All you need is a little patience to let that creative expression out. Do not forget to take note of your mobile model and your telecom provider as this will determine the compatibility of the files you chose. 


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