What iPhone Competitors Can Do to Make their Products More Attractive

As iPhones become popular to teenagers, chances are more and more companies in the future will take interest in manufacturing their own so-called iPhones. And as the number of iPhone manufacturers increase, competition from these competitors will also increase. Right now, Apple’s iPhone is already equipped with lots of features. It amazes a lot of users with its multi-touch functionality. But there is still lots of room for improvement.

Here are some ways iPhone competitors can make their products more attractive: (You can also consider them as a wish-list for the next model of iPhone.)

  • Cheaper price. We all know how much an iPhone can cost. You can check Apple’s website for its price. The Apple has already dropped the price of their iPhone, but it will be better if they could lower their price again. iPhone competitors should always keep in mind that the cost of their product matters to the masses, as masses can afford the cheaper ones more. You can all hope that the price of the iPhone goes down so that more people can afford it next time.


  • Freedom of choice. It will be better if iPhone competitors can give their customers the freedom to choose their own network provider. This is especially true for those who live in other countries who wish to have their own iPhone. Right now, it is uncertain if Apple can give their iPhone customers this freedom, but anyway there are already lots of articles on the net discussing how to unlock Apple’s iPhone, so maybe those will do for now.


  • Larger storage capacity. For normal users, 16GB of storage space might already be more than enough, but how about for the more advanced users who love downloading different applications into their iPhone. In the future, more users would like to see the 32GB version of the iPhone or maybe the 64GB version.


  • Longer battery life. According to what other users have posted over the Internet, the battery of an iPhone is not that bad. However, your battery will not last a day if you are going to talk a lot using your iPhone, use a Bluetooth headset or hypothetically use a 3G and a GPS.


  • Cut, copy and paste feature/function. Just like what was mentioned above, some users are suggesting these features be added in the next version of iPhone, or even better an application for the device will emerge that will allow this functionality. Implementing this feature will surely make copying and/or moving of text from one application to another easier.

This cool gadget might not be at its full potential yet, but there is one thing for sure. As the technology advances, people can expect more and more from this high tech gadget in the future.


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