How To Find Free Prepaid Cellphones

The best things in life are free—and that includes free cellphones! It may sound too good to be true but you can really get a cellphone absolutely for free. But do you know where and how to get these free cellphones? Here are some ways:

1.    Free cellphones from postpaid plans.

You can find free cellphones with almost all mobile phone service providers. They do this to encourage users to use all their offered services. Choose among their plans and their variety of cellphones like Samsung, LG, and more. Shop around and you will surely find your dream cellphone for free from these service providers. However, free cellphones from service providers come with a contract. You need to use their service in a specified length of time. You have the option to cut your connection with them, too. But you can only do that if you pay a price. Unfortunately, this may sometimes cost more than double the price of your free cellphone. Aside from that, not everyone can get free cellphones from service providers. You need to have good credit to get a cellphone free from LG, Samsung, and other brands.

2.    Getting Free Prepaid Cellphones.

Good thing you can still get a free cellphone. You can even get a free and already unlocked cellphone. But these are prepaid cellphones where you pay first before you can use the cellphone as a communication tool. Shop online for a free prepaid cellphone. Many sites will lead you to getting your next Samsung or LG phones 100% free and without entering into any plans. Survey sites are among the best places to get free prepaid cellphones. All you need to do is sign up as one of their members and answer some surveys. You can earn your free prepaid and unlocked cellphone after reaching a certain quota. However, beware in entering any survey sites. It is best to check the site’s background first before answering many surveys. As you know, scams are all over the Internet, and it is sometimes hard to know which is a scam and when it's not.

Some service providers may also offer free prepaid cellphones. You can possibly get an LG or Samsung phone from them. But the catch is, these free cellphones are old stock, which the service providers cannot return to the manufacturers anymore. So it is only wise for them to offer free cellphones in exchange for attracting more prepaid customers rather than letting these cellphones rot. Cellphone manufacturers like Samsung and LG give out free cellphones too.  This is because they receive a commission every time they activate a cellphone for a certain service provider.

3.    Other Free Prepaid Cellphone Sources.

Online contests may give out free and unlocked cellphones as well. Try and join some contests and get a chance to win your dream Samsung or LG. Most of these contests don’t require entry fees, anyway.

Better shop around online and offline. You may not know it but your nearest cellphone provider might be giving out a free cellphone too.

However, stay skeptical. Be wary of too-good-to-be-true offers, since most are just too good to be true.


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