First Date Kissing: Dating Advice for a First Date Kiss

Be Ready for Your Next First Date with These Tips on Kissing

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Intro: You've spent a perfect romantic evening with your date and it's time to take her home. Sweaty hands turn the steering wheel as you pull up to her driveway and you sure could use some dating advice right about now. The engine stops, and she turns to you and smiles. All kinds of questions race through your mind. You ask to yourself, "Should I kiss her in the car or at her doorstep? What if she gives me that swift turn-of-the-cheek move I got from the last girl I attempted to kiss?"

Calm down.

Don't feel obligated to kiss on a first date. It is not carved in that mythical dating manual filled with deadlines that everyone talks about, nor is it always expected from the other party. Pleasure delayers may find it offensive and a mere attempt can put a total dent in your future date-ability factor. Here are some tips on kissing:

  1. Determine whether your date wants to lock lips with you. Some signs that she does include:
    • She kept touching your shoulder during the date. Most women don't touch men they are not attracted to. If you noticed her constant physical flirtation, chances are she wants you to touch her lips with yours.
    • first date kissShe offered you gum on the drive back. While some women go through sticks of gum like a chain smoker with cigarettes, it is uncommon to offer your date a breath freshener if a kiss is not anticipated.
    • She kept trying to make eye contact. If the eyes are a window to one's soul and she keeps batting her eyes at you she may be trying to get you to read her mind. And her mind is probably saying, "Kiss me, you nervous wreck!"
  2. Kiss your date. In order to do so:
    • Inch in slowly. Don't suddenly attack her face with your salivating mouth. You may have differing kissing styles, so feel each other out before you do your signature move.
    • Do exhibit self control. While most, if not all women want to be desired, you don't want to be perceived as a testosterone-driven animal. When she asks you to stop, stop. If she doesn't ask you to stop, consider the repercussions if things lead farther before you continue on.
  3. If she gives you the turn-of-the-cheek move, extricate yourself from the situation in one of the following ways:
    • Apologize and thank her for a wonderful evening. The apology part will score you brownie points since that is usually interpreted as a sign of sincerity and respect.
    • Laugh it off and throw in a joke to ease the awkwardness. Thank her for a wonderful evening and get back in the car.

A kiss on the first date with the right person may mean you will never have another first kiss - since it could lead into a memorable and lasting relationship. Use these tips to ensure that your special kiss will be remembered as the best part of your perfect first date.


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