How To Plan a $10 Date

Ever run out of ideas for dates? Find yourself broke when you have plans to take that special someone out? Manage to fall into those two categories at the same time? Fear not. The list below should help. Enjoy!

  • Walk to an ice cream store and sample different flavors together, then share a sundae with the flavors of your choice!
  •  Take a mini tour of your city with public transportation. Sit all the way in the back, flirt, laugh, and enjoy the scenic views.
  • Spend hours at a second-hand bookstore, and head to the park with cheap dog-eared books in hand for an afternoon of relaxing reading.
  • Visit a farmer's market together and sample different fresh foods. Buy fruits of the season, and some chocolate for a fondue session at home.
  • Split up at the mall for an hour to buy each other a "no-more-than-$5" gift.
  • Sit at a sidewalk café, order cups of coffee and just people watch.
  • Rent a movie together, and watch it with a bowl of microwave popcorn.
  • Go rollerblading in the summer and snowball-fighting in the winter.
  • Have a mini picnic in the park with grapes and wine. Bring a blanket to avoid grass stains, and to snuggle comfortably of course.
  • Find scraps of food in your kitchen, buy remainder ingredients, and whip up a meal together. Cooking is just plain sexy.
  • Offer a friend to baby-sit or walk his pet as a couple. One of the best ways to gauge a person's character is by watching how he or she acts around animals. And to top it off, you might even get paid for it.
  • Go to the driving range and hit half a bucket of balls together. If you're lucky, $10 might even buy you a large bucket!
  • Go window shopping for the "Ideal gift." Try on fur coats, leather shoes, and luxury items you've always dreamed of owning. Who knows? You might just own them one day. It's always fun to dream together.
  • Go to a neighborhood bar, order cheap beer, mingle with other bar regulars, and have a good laugh together over the news, art, politics and everything! Be light-hearted about it because this isn't something you can do safely alone, whether you're a man or a woman.
  • Jog together. You'd be surprised how good you can look sweaty and red-faced from the wind.
  • Visit a religious building for its art, culture, and knowledge. Explore the unknown together while looking at stained glass windows in churches, and shrines in temples. Regardless of your religion, it is always nice to learn new things as a couple.
  • Go to a pet store together to look at the different animals. It's like visiting a mini zoo! If you feel bad about leaving without anything, get a goldfish. They're normally around $3 and above.
  • Buy some scented candles to create an atmosphere in your bedroom. Then spend a whole afternoon together in bed - nothing beats that.


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