How To Do Little Things That Make a Relationship Last

For Him and Her

Giving surprise gifts

It's the little things that will really help you get to know your partner and fall even more deeply in love!


For him:

  1. Notes: Leave her a note on your pillow before heading to work reminding her how much you love her. Or write a message on the bathroom mirror after taking a hot shower. These little reminders create sparks in a relationship, because everyone likes to feel loved.
  2. Dressing up: Dress up for dinners and outings. There should be no excuse for slacking off when it comes to this. Most couples seem amnesiac when it comes to grooming skills, having been in a relationship for too long. Complaints about couch potato boyfriends who wear nothing but the same T-shirt everyday are common! This should never happen because, regardless of everything, you should always maintain your attractiveness as the boyfriend.
  3. Massages: After she has had a long day, offer to give her a massage before bed. Apply light pressure around her neck and shoulders with your fingers. Then use your palms interchangeably. Who knows what it might lead to?
  4. Gifts: There is no present too small for a woman. Every little gift counts. From polished stones you picked from the ground to hand-made cards (showing signs of struggle); she will love anything as long as there's something behind it - meaning you.
  5. Listen: When she feels down, listen to all that she has to say. Avoid offering problem-solving solutions instantly. Often times this does not matter as much as lending an ear, and just being there.

For her:

  1. how to make relationships lastPlayfulness: Leave him a naughty picture of yourself in his briefcase. Discovering it at work will give him an idea of what to expect after a long day. Be sure to keep it safe so it doesn't accidentally get exposed to his bosses and coworkers!
  2. Compliment: Praise and compliment him often. Men like to know that they are good at something, and it's up to you to remind your boyfriend. Just by saying, "Wow, that was an amazing shot," while he's golfing or "I love your arm muscles" when he hugs you, can do a lot for his ego. Make sure you are sincere though. You don't want to make him think that he doesn't need to improve on the things he just isn't good at!
  3. Surprise him: bed, during birthdays, at the mall. Pick any time and anywhere to be surprising! If you don't normally cook, whip him up a hearty dinner. If you don't sing, suggest a karaoke session. If you hate football, join him for one of the matches. If you've never picked up a bowling ball in your life, organize a bowling party. Pleasant surprises will leave him impressed and amazed every time. A fun girlfriend who doesn't mind trying anything once is more of an adventure than a boring girlfriend who is stuck in routine.
  4. Flirt: Couples often forget how it feels to have butterflies in their stomach just like they did during the early stages of their relationship. Keep your relationship new by flirting with your man. Subtly brush against his arm as you walk in a crowded room, lightly place your hand on his as you're having a conversation, or play footsy during dinner with friends. He will definitely notice!
  5. Support: Be your boyfriend's cheerleader. This doesn't mean you should wear pleated skirts, and tie your hair in pigtails (although he probably wouldn't mind!). It does however mean that you should always try to be on his side while with friends or family. Acknowledging his achievements in front of others makes you his support system - and that is never bad for a relationship. Doing otherwise however, might bruise his self-esteem. Should you feel an urge to do so, try doing so behind closed doors.


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