How To Dress For a First Date

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There really aren't any "rules" to follow when dressing up for a first date. The most important thing of all is to be able to enjoy yourself. There are however, tips you can follow to avoid minor mishaps. See the following to pick up on any that might relate to you:


  1. Location:  Know where you're going before dressing up. You don't want to be wearing your lucky baseball cap when you're heading out to a swanky restaurant. Nor do you want to be in your best pearls if dinner is going to be at Burger King. Find out beforehand where the date is going to be, so you can judge how you want to dress. If it's going to be a surprise, ask your date what he or she is wearing, in order to gauge the location.


  1. Attire:
    1. Consumption--What will you be ordering for dinner? If you plan to do spaghetti and meatballs at his favorite Mom&Pop restaurant, be wary not to stain your white shirt. How about skipping white altogether? Darker colors can be attractive too. If you plan to eat burgers and fries, be very sure you're not in a "dry clean only" outfit. Not implying that you're clumsy, but it's always safer to steer clear from having a stubborn stain.


    1. Maneuverability--How flexible do you want to be during your date? Is there any chance of a visit to the ice skating rink? Will you be walking a lot? Ask yourself these questions.


  1. Comfort:  Women who keep tugging at their tops and men who keep tightening their belts look in short, uncomfortable. Why show signs of nervousness when you're not? Tube tops, regardless of how good they look often cause women to do the former. Too baggy pants create similar problems for men. How about a floaty dress? Or a fitting pair of jeans?


  1. Hygiene:  This word sounds so "stern." Despite that, it cannot be avoided. You may choose to look scruffy, ruggedly cool, or grunge BUT you must be clean. A first impression should be pleasant, and not cause any discomfort. Foul body odor and bad breath will do just that. Unless you plan to create that kind of effect, cleanliness is mandatory.


  1. Cash:  Most people prefer paying with credit cards, whereas some do cash. Regardless of your preference, it's good to have cash in hand just in case. Also check to see if you have denominations of all kinds so you won't end up short on tips.


  1. Be You:  Finally, just be yourself. If you feel like you can relate to none of the above, dress however you like. Go all out with your favorite 5 inch heels, or polka dotted dress shirt. It doesn't really matter. Ultimately, your date should like you for who you are.


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