How To Take Photos of Your Baby

Babies grow so fast -- preserve those precious baby days by taking quality photos of your baby! Professional photographs are nice, but can be quite costly. Also, babies are naturally more relaxed in their own environment with people that are familiar to them; oftentimes taking a baby to a photographer's studio for pictures results in a frightened, fussy baby.
You can take some very nice shots of your baby if you remember a few simple guidelines:
For formal shots:

  1. Try to schedule your photo shoot when your baby is well rested and well fed. Taking pictures when your baby is feeling his or her best will make the experience more pleasant -- for both of you!

  • If you can, enlist the help of a friend or relative. Babies aren't always the most cooperative subjects -- it helps to have an extra set of hands. Your assistant can reposition the baby as needed and help in getting him or her to smile while you wait, ready for just the right moment to take that perfect shot!
  • Pay attention to background. Furniture, toys and pets can distract from the main focus -- your beautiful baby.
  • Keep it simple. Often the best photos of babies are the most basic.
  • Use what you have. A plain colored bed sheet or soft blanket makes a nice backdrop for your photos.
  • Make the most of your lighting. Light streaming in from a sunny window casts a beautiful glow around your baby. Consider trying varying amounts of light and shadow -- the differences in your photos can be dramatic.
  • Zoom in. The tighter the shot, the more detail you will notice.
  • Take a variety of shots. Everyone loves the traditional full body or head and shoulders pictures, but don't stop there. Take a close-up of your baby's tiny hands, little feet or even a shot from the back.
  • Color or black & white? When in doubt, shoot in color. When you print your photos, all labs have the ability to convert your color photographs to black & white. Most basic computer photo programs offer this option, too.
  • Relax! Both you and your baby will enjoy the session more if you have a calm and relaxed attitude.
  • For candid shots:

    1. Keep your camera in good working order and close at hand -- that way you'll be ready to take the shot when your baby does something especially cute.

  • Take a lot of pictures. If you have a digital camera, you can take many pictures and print only your favorites. That way, you are not spending money printing photos that are "less than desirable."
  • Don't worry that your baby doesn't look their dressed-up best. Some of the cutest baby pictures feature a little one with messy hair or a face covered in strained peas!

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