How To Buy and Sell Baby Clothes

Baby clothes at the store

Buying and selling baby clothes can be a very lucrative business. Most parents love to dress their babies in adorable outfits but, as we all know, it can get very expensive, so people are always looking for bargains. You can look for reasonably priced baby clothes in several ways. Here are some tips:

  1. First of all, check the end of season sales at your favorite stores. Stores like Baby Gap, Gymboree, Old Navy and The Children's Place, as well as most department stores, often slash the prices on clothing at the end of each season. If you hit the clearance sales at just the right time, you can stock up on a great supply of baby clothes to use for your own baby or to sell.  Keep in mind that if you buy end of season clothes for your own child, you will need to estimate what size he or she will be next season.
  2. The online auction site, EBay, is another place to check if you are looking for deals on baby clothes. Many people sell brand new items with the tags still attached. Others sell gently used clothing -- perhaps an Easter outfit that was worn one time, for example. When shopping on EBay, always read the item description thoroughly and check the seller's feedback rating before you bid. If there are a lot of negative feedback comments listed, then don't buy from that seller.
  3. Consignment shops are another place to look for good deals on high quality clothing. Most consignment shop owners are extremely picky about the clothing that they will sell, so you won't find stained or ripped clothing at a good consignment shop. What you will find is gently used, name brand clothing at a fraction of the retail cost.

If you are buying clothing for the sole purpose of selling it, make sure you get a good deal on it and can make a reasonable profit. EBay is a great starting point if you want to sell your clothing. Clothes that are new with tags attached are hot sellers, so always indicate that the item is new by typing "NWT" (new with tags) in the item's description. Once you establish a good reputation on eBay you will find that you have a steady following of repeat customers. Here are some tips for buying baby clothing to sell.

  1. Buy a wide variety of sizes. Clothes size 0 to 3 months will not sell as well as larger sized baby clothes. Why? Because babies are only in size 0 to 3 months for a few weeks (usually they are sized to fit up to 11 pounds). Size 3 to 6 months or 9 to 12 months will sell better than the tinier sizes.
  2.  If you buy clothes at the end of the season to sell the next year, be sure to store them in a safe place, away from smoke and pet odors.
  3. Hot sellers include baby dresses, overalls, outerwear, and unworn shoes. If you sell gently used shoes, make sure they are in immaculate condition.
  4. Take a good photograph of the item if you plan to sell it online. Nothing will hinder your sales more than a blurry or dark photograph.
  5. Don't charge exorbitant shipping fees-- this will most certainly turn buyers off. Try to charge the actual shipping charge and if you must charge a handling fee, make it a modest one.      


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