How To Buy Infant or Baby Toys

When you are purchasing toys for a newborn infant or for a baby, there are a few considerations to be made. You want the toys to be enjoyable, age appropriate and safe. Here are some tips for choosing infant or baby toys that are sure to please.

  1. The most important thing to consider when choosing toys for infants and babies is safety. The toy should not have small parts that could detach (such as buttons or beads) that a child could choke on. Also, if a toy can fit through an empty toilet paper roll, then it is considered a choking hazard. In addition, there should not be any long strings that could wrap around a baby's neck.

  • If you choose a classic toy, you'll never go wrong. Telephone rattles, stacking blocks or cups, shape sorters, stuffed animals, pull toys, plastic key rings - they have all been around forever and there's a reason for that. Babies love them.
  • Toys that attach to a crib are great choices. These toys attach to the side of a crib and frequently have mirrors to stare in, buttons to push, knobs to turn and noise makers all on one toy. Many a parent has gotten an extra fifteen minutes of rest while the baby has played contentedly in the crib with one of these great toys.
  • Bath toys are always a hit, too. Rubber duckies, toy boats, and even books made specifically for the tub make bath time enjoyable for baby and parent.
  • Play gyms are great for stimulating a baby's senses and helping with eye and muscular development. They are placed over a baby when he is lying on his back and there are toys attached that the baby can swing at or grab. Some of them even have a bar by the baby's feet that when kicked will start to make music.
  • Toys in bright primary colors are a great choice for babies, but so are toys that have a black, white or red pattern on them. These patterned toys help with eye development and also help to stimulate the mind.
  • For older babies, simple wooden puzzles are great toys. Puzzles with knobs on the pieces allow babies to grab them easily and many of these puzzles help to teach shapes and colors.
  • Board books are a great choice for babies. They are more difficult to rip and just all over sturdier than books with paper pages. Many classic children's books are now printed in board book form.
  • There are many more toys for infants and babies on the market. Some are quite elaborate and expensive. Save the elaborate, expensive toys for when the child is older. Stick with simple, developmental toys for babies and you won't go wrong.
  • All parents know that no matter how many toys you buy for an infant, she most likely will want to play with the boxes the toys came in. It's just a fact. So go ahead. Let her play with boxes, pots, pans, wooden spoons, measuring cups and other non-toy items that are safe. She'll get around to playing with the bought toys eventually.

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