How To Be an Understanding Boyfriend

All women want to be lucky enough to say that they have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world. Women like knowing that they have a man they can depend on who will listen to their needs, wants, and desires. Most of all they like knowing that their boyfriend's behavior makes their girlfriends jealous because it is clear that she has the best boyfriend in the bunch.

Naturally, as a man you want to know what is going to make you that wonderful and understanding boyfriend. If this is the case, you will find all you need to know and maybe a little bit more in the following article.

  1. Always Listen to Everything your Girlfriend Says. Women love feeling special. You do not need to buy a woman many things to make her feel special. Actually, the easiest way to make a woman feel special is to listen to her when she talks to you.

    Sure, you might not be interested in all the things that she is, but knowing that you will take the time to learn more about who she is will mean the world to her. The moment she knows that you are really listening to her she will see you in an entirely different light. This will make her think and talk about you more than she ever did before.

    You can show her that you are listening to her by bringing up things she has said or surprising her with things she mentioned she liked a few days after she has mentioned those things.

  2. Remember that the Little Things Count the Most. If you want to be considered special and understanding then you need to show her you are deserving of such a title. The best way to do that is to remember all the little things that are important to her.
    • Keep track of special dates like anniversaries and birthdays.
    • When you buy her presents, buy her things that you know she wants or that have sentimental value.
    • If she is having a bad day do something you know will make her smile, be it a massage or just spending time with her.

    No matter what you think you need to do to impress her, she will always remember the little things you do for her, the most.

  3. Realize that All Women are not the Same. If you want to be considered an understanding boyfriend, then you need to realize that not all women are the same.

    Every woman is different and as such, they all have entirely different needs. The best thing you can do is learn all you can about your girlfriend. This is going to help you see that she is not like every other girl. It should also help you see exactly why you love her.

    In the meantime, you will be able to treat her better by nurturing her wants and needs in a relationship. Of course, she will equate this with your loving, understanding nature.

  4.  Be There to Comfort her Through the Good and Bad. If your girlfriend has a bad day because of some outside force or from PMS, she needs to know that you care. While it is true that you might not care specifically about her issues, you do care about her.

    With this in mind you should take control of the situation and give her the tender loving care that she needs to feel secure. If she can come to you with her bad days, knowing you will not turn her away, then she will know that she can come to you no matter what.

    This is going to be a true test of your relationship. Some days women will make little to no sense with their emotions. An understanding boyfriend does not think twice about the crazy mood swings of women, but he does know to hold her when she cries, without a second thought.

  5. Know your Relationship, and Know What She Needs. No two relationships are going to be the same. While women are often the nurturers, it is common for men to be the protectors. Use this to your advantage.

    If you have tried the steps above then you are no stranger to the woman who you are in a relationship with. If you have listened to what she has said then you should apply it to your relationship to make it better.

    Never assume that it is her job to cook dinner every night, to clean the house for you, or to wait on you after your hard day. Chances are, she has had a hard day, too.

    Relationships are give and take. Women often love to reward their men with things to make them feel special, but nothing makes women feel better than knowing their men want to do the same things for them when they have the chance.


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