Buying an Infant Life Jacket: Use a Safe Flotation Device

Tips to Help You Find a Life Vest for Your Child

Toddler life jacket

From the very first time you take your baby into the water, it is important that you use some type of infant life jacket or personal flotation device that can help keep your infant safe. Consider these safety tips when looking for infant life jackets.

  1. Do some research online to find out the options that exist for infants when it comes to life vests.
  2. Determine the style and features that you want for ultimate safety.
  3. Be sure you know how much your baby weighs so you can make sure you buy the right size.
  4. Don't buy a life vest for your baby to grow into. If the size is too large, your baby could fall right through.
  5. On the flip side, if the life vest is too small, it may not keep your child afloat in an emergency.
  6. Read the labels to check for Coast Guard Approval, which should be indicated inside. Understand that without this endorsement, the life jacket may not be as safe as you desire.
  7. Find out what class the life jacket is approved for, such as Type I, II, III, IV or V.
  8. Make sure that the types of activities the life vest is designed for match how you plan to use the item. If not, don't take chances with your baby's life.
  9. Look for safety features, such as a head flotation cushion, the buoyancy level, a grab handle and a strap that goes between the legs.
  10. Be sure to test whatever you buy as soon as you get it home. Make sure it seems to fit your child comfortably and properly.
  11. A well-fitting life vest should fit the baby snugly. To check that yours is the right size, try lifting the baby up by the vest's shoulders. If the chin and ears don't start to slip through the neck, it probably fits right.
  12. Check the buckle on the jacket to be sure it works well and is easy to fasten. A flotation device that isn't attached right could come undone in the water.
  13. Don't skimp when it comes to safety. Water can be dangerous so you want to equip your baby with the highest level of safety.

Now you know how to buy an infant life jacket.


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