How To Use Gay Personals for Dating

If you are gay and single, you may consider looking for a date through the personals. The Internet is the perfect place to start. Dating and personal sites can be an amazing way to meet people. However, they can also be a daunting place to start on your quest for the perfect date.

Dating sites are one of the top ways people are searching for dates these days. With busy, on-the-go lifestyles, dating sites have helped hundreds of couples get together, have allowed men to make friends, and helped them get together to hook up for an evening of fun.

There are hundreds (if not more) of gay dating sites on the Internet. Global sites like Gay.Com and local dating sites, for specific searches closer to home, make finding a new love interest on the Internet the way to go. There are plenty of ways to navigate dating sites successfully. In fact, these ways will help you find some men that are worth dating!

  1. Where to go and what to pay? Many of the most popular dating sites charge a fee. Sites like Gay.Com will let you search the site and view some of the personal ads, but they will not allow you to contact the people you are interested in meeting if you do not pay a fee. Depending on the website you plan to visit, you may be able to make a free profile, but then you have to hope your profile captures enough attention to meet some new men. The average price can range anywhere from a few dollars a month to over a hundred for a year.

While there are many sites online, you can also check out personal ads in your local paper. While dating has become digitalized--and you can find personals from across the world online--you may miss an opportunity if you don't at least check the offline personals out, too.

  • Top, bottom, or versatile? Generally, one of the first ways a man is going to search is going to be by this one little preference. It makes perfect sense, because it could become an important issue. However, there are some problems with looking for men based on their preferences in the bedroom. Unfortunately, it seems that on many dating sites there are far more bottom men than there are tops. Of course, they are not listed as such. Most men, realizing they will receive a higher level of searches, will list themselves as tops, even if they are not. For you, this could be an issue especially if you are firm in your choice of a top or bottom personality.
  • Know online dating lingo. If you are new to online dating, you may not understand the lingo. Let's look at an example of a personal ad you might see: GWM ISO NS GWM 40-45
  • Obviously, they are speaking some sort of language you do not understand! Actually, they are speaking the adult version of cyber lingo. It is common to be lost when looking for a mate if you just do not understand all the abbreviations. Do not feel alone. Many people still do not get what they mean. However, you can find a guide that translates many of these abbreviations at 1-True-Love.Com, or simply type the abbreviation into your favorite search engine and see what comes up.

  • Write an excellent personal ad. You need to make yourself shine in any way you can. The right hook, introduction, and overall profile are going to have to stand out from the rest. Why would they want to date you when they could have any other gay male in the world?  Try to keep positive in your personal ad. Write about exciting opportunities, experiences, and interests. It is boring to read the bare necessities about a person, so give it some pizzazz!
  • Have an idea of what you want. When you visit the dating sites, have a clear idea of what you are looking for and search for those specific things. There is no sense in settling on something you know you will not want. So, do not look for bisexual if you want someone that is homosexual. Do not look up men in New York if you are from California and long distance relationships do not appeal to you. Check the profiles that match your interest and wants in a man. This saves time and gives you a better chance at finding men that you think will interest you.
  •  Spruce up your own profile. If you sign up at a site, you should make the most believable profile possible. This means that you should write your profile before you sign on. Have a friend read it. Does the profile sound like you? Does it reflect all the good parts of your personality? Is it interesting enough to make someone want to message you after reading it? These are going to be very important things so you want to make sure your profile conveys the best parts of you. This is what is going to convince people to message you so make it shine!
  • Use pictures. Not only should you take a good look at the pictures included on each profile, you should also use them on yours. Of course, pictures are not the only thing you should look at. Some of the men you see might not have the perfect body, but they could still be wonderful men otherwise. It is important to remember that. Likewise, if you are not physically perfect, it does not mean a great man will not be attracted to you. Using pictures will get you more responses. It will also prepare you or the person messaging you, for what to expect when date night finally happens.

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