Kissing a Man: Advice for the Perfect Kiss

Learn How To Be a Great Kisser with These Steps, from Preparation to the Actual Kiss Itself

Couple kissing

Labored breathing, heavy anticipation and shivers racing from head to foot are feelings a "perfect" kiss should evoke. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to deal with fantasy-shattering realities like too much saliva, the occasional head-butt, and eww, gum!  

Here's how to give, and get, the much-sought-after perfect kiss by learning how to kiss a man:

  1. Prep for kissing

    • Smell good. Make sure you are showered, buffed and appropriately coiffed pre-kiss. Nothing makes a man want to spend his passion like a freshly showered lass.
    • Lips should be soft. Accomplish this with exfoliation. Apply some ChapStick, lip balm or water to your lips and gently rub with an old toothbrush or washcloth. This kind of exfoliation will get your lips ready to be seductively smooched.
    • Minimal make-up. Nothing kills a make-out session faster than too much makeup. Leave the heavy duty stuff for Halloween and instead go for a natural, face-friendly look. Remember, he likes you, not your makeup.
  2. Easy does it. Keep lips soft and pliable; pursing them will remind him of Grandma's kisses! When you feel the moment is right or if you feel that he is going to kiss you, lean in slowly. Open lips gently and touch your lips to his. It should feel like two rose petals softly pressing together. Don't slip him any tongue just yet. You want to slowly learn, taste and savor the shape and texture of his mouth.
  3. Do what feels right. As you and he are kissing, remember one simple tip: do what feels right. That could mean staying exactly where you are, slowly and curiously experiencing one another's mouths, or in the words of Emeril, kick it up a notch. Clues that let you know taking it further are welcomed are usually labored breathing, wrapped arms around one another and a sense of urgency. If what feels right to you in the moment is wrapping your arms around him while continuing the soft kiss, then do that. If things are getting a bit heated, and you're game, then proceed to the French kiss. 
  4. The sexist kiss of them all. When it comes to sheer sexiness, the French kiss has all others beat and it's a sure-fire way to fan the flames of desire. After gently kissing, introduce your tongue. Now, he may have done this already (driven mad by all those butterfly kisses!), but if he has not, and you feel ready, willing and able, stick your tongue into his mouth and gently touch the tip of your tongue to his. Pause to read his cues. If things are going swimmingly, stroke his tongue with yours while clasping or caressing the back of his neck. If daring and dangerous is more your style, grasp his jaw tight with your hand as you plunder his mouth with your tongue. Be warned, however, as he may lose all semblance of decorum and ravish you then and there on the spot!
  5. Some thoughts on kissing. Keep in mind that these are only basic kissing tips. The perfect kiss comes in many forms, from nervous pecks on the cheek to full-on sloppy, wet kisses in the rain. Kissing is all about the emotion it evokes, and kisses manifest in many ways. When you experience that "perfect" kiss, trust me: you will feel it.


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