Bridal Shower Gift Ideas: Get the Best Bridal Shower Gift

Find Unique and Appropriate Gifts for a Wedding Shower

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You've been invited to a bridal shower but how do you choose a present that is sure to thrill the bride-to-be? You may be asking yourself, "What is an appropriate gift for a bridal shower?" Sometimes it is easy to buy the perfect bridal shower gift, but other times it is more of a challenge to find the ideal offering.

Of course, if you're involved in planning the entire bridal shower, you'll need a party planning guide to help you out.  I recommend Bridal Shower Plans; this guide can help anyone from newbies to experiences party planners throw the perfect event for the bride!

These tips will help you find the creative bridal shower gifts every time.

  1. Check your shower invitation. Some of the best clues for bridal shower gifts will come from the invitation itself. Often, bridal showers have themes. For example, a "kitchen" shower indicates you should bring kitchen wares as a gift, a "crystal" shower is ideal for giving champagne flutes, wine glasses and other decorative crystal objects. A "personal" shower, sometimes called a "lingerie" shower, is a suggestion to bring the bride a pretty personal garment such as a peignoir, a lacy nightgown or other romantic sleepwear.
  2. Check where the bride is registered. The what to buy for a bridal showerhostess for the bridal shower may indicate on the invitation any bridal registries that the guest of honor has set up. If the invitation does not list any registries, feel free to call the hostess and ask her if the bride has registered anywhere. This is a great way to find bridal shower gift ideas because the bride is sure to enjoy what she's registered for.
  3. Know your bride. If the bride has not registered for wedding shower gifts and the shower does not have a specific gift category or theme, your best bet is to think about the bride's interests and circumstances. Generally a shower gift is a personal item for the bride and is often less practical than the wedding gifts. However, if the bride and groom are just setting up their household, they may need practical items for kitchen, bed and bath, and you can use your discretion in selecting these items. If you go this route, try to choose items the bride will really enjoy instead of less romantic options; for example, a beautiful picture frame is a great gift and a fuzzy toilet seat cover is less than ideal. This is also a good opportunity to cater to the bride's decorating or personal tastes. If she loves romance and lace, consider a negligee for her honeymoon or an ornate lace dressing table scarf for her room. If she is a fun-loving beach girl, fill a beach bag with new beach towels, fun music CDs, and a sandcastle mold.
  4. Ask around. If you do not know the bride very well, but have been invited to the shower, feel free to ask the hostess of the shower for suggestions of what would make the best bridal shower gift. It is also acceptable to call the bride's mother, sisters or close friends to request ideas. You can also ask if anyone would like to go in on a larger gift and share the cost of something really special for the bride-to-be.

When wrapping your gift for the shower, consider the paper and bows that you use. Often times, the bridesmaids will keep the wrapping paper and bows from bridal shower gifts and use them to make a bouquet for the bride to hold during the rehearsal.


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