How To Find Infant or Baby Halloween Costumes

Halloween comes once a year but for some, it is a big event which requires special preparations. One of the most important aspects of Halloween (other than candy) is a costume. There are many issues parents face when it comes to buying a costume for their infant or young child, ranging from the type of costume, place of purchase to cost of costume. Here are some important characteristics to look for when seeking the right costume for your infant:

  1. Flame Resistance: For the protection of infants and children, it is important to clothe them in outfits that do not catch fire easily, namely flame-resistant clothing. The same holds true for Halloween costumes particularly since Halloween festivities can often include the use of torches or candles.
  2. Easy to Wear: Costumes for babies and infants need to be easy to put on and take off. Here are a few aspects to consider when selecting a costume for ease:
    • Diaper Changing - Infants need frequent diaper changes so look for a costume that provides easy access. A costume that has crotch snaps is the most convenient for changing diapers.
    • Neckline - Babies do not typically like anything pulled over their heads, so find a costume that has a zipper or buttons in the front for ease of putting on and taking off. If you do select a costume that requires it to be pulled over your infant's head, then choose one with a stretchable neckline or with buttons for widening the opening around your baby's head.
    • Movement - Babies and older children do not like to wear tight clothing that constricts them. Therefore select a costume that allows for easy movement.

  3. Comfort: Another important factor when buying a costume for your infant is that the outfit must be comfortable. Here are some features to take into account:
    • Sensitivity - As newborns and infants have sensitive skin, pick a costume whose material is soft and ideally made of cotton.
    • Buttons, Zippers etc. - When buying a costume for your baby, note the location of the buttons, snaps, zippers, velcro and other accessories and note if their position affects the comfort of your baby.

  4. Costume Accessories: A costume comes with many accessories that can require special attention when it comes to infants:
    • Headwear - If a costume comes with a hat or other article to be worn on the head, make sure it can be tied under your infant's chin to prevent it from falling off.
    • Hand Accessories - If the costume has gloves, mittens or some other hand-covering accessory, look for ones shaped like bags with drawstrings. This enables you to easily put them on and remove them, while at the same time preventing your baby from taking them off.
    • Footwear - Any costume that covers the infant's feet must not be too tight or confining. If your infant is learning to walk, make sure that the soles have rubber gripping to prevent her from falling. If the footwear is not attached to the costume, then make sure that it has provisions for comfortably securing onto your child's feet so that it cannot easily be kicked off.
    • Other Articles - Any decoration that is part of the costume (especially a small one) should be sewn on to prevent your infant from being able to pull it off and choke on it.

  5. Trailing Costumes: When buying a costume for your infant, it is best to look for a costume that does not have any trailing accessories, especially since a small baby can wrap this around herself and suffocate. If you decide to choose such a costume for an infant who is crawling or walking, make sure that no part of it drags since this creates the risk that she might trip and fall.
  6. Safety at Night: If you have a toddler who plans on going trick-or-treating at night, it is necessary that she be visible in the dark so as to prevent any injuries. To accomplish this, select a costume that has at least one of the following features:
    • Costume Color - Have your child wear a light-colored costume as it is more visible than a dark-colored one.
    • Reflective Tape - Put some reflective tape on your toddler's costume so that she can be seen.
    • Light - Have your child carry a torch or a glow stick when going outside at night.
    • Illuminant - Luminous costumes and accessories (such as necklaces and wrist bands) are also available to make your child visible.
  7. Masks: Do not have your infant wear a mask as she is too small for it. Ideally it is advisable to have your infant or toddler's face painted instead. If you feel that your toddler is old enough to wear a mask, then be sure she is able to clearly see with it on in order to prevent her from falling and getting hurt.
  8. Costume Places: There are many places to find a costume for your infant. It all depends on what you are looking for. Here are a few places to visit (keep in mind that some types of stores can be visited online):
    • Department Store - When it comes close to Halloween, you will be able to find a variety of costumes in the infants' and children's sections of many department stores.
    • Party Store - This type of store tends to carry a variety of themed items from party supplies to matching trick-or-treat bags and matching costumes.
    • Costume Store/Rental Shop - If a particular costume is what you need, then it is best to go to a specialized store that only sells costumes for all ages and occasions from fancy dress parties to Halloween such as Moon Costumes infant costumes section. Also available are costume rental shops where you can rent a costume if you do not want to buy one.
    • Baby Shop - If you want to buy outfits that are specially designed only for babies and children, keeping in mind their special needs such as sensitive skin, diaper changing accessibility etc., then the best place to get a costume for Halloween is at a store that caters to babies and young children.
    • Toy Store - Many toy stores also carry outfits based on popular characters.
    • Specialty Store - This type of store is ideal when searching for a particular type of costume, for example a ballerina (dance store), baseball player (sports store), and so on.
    • Garage Sales & Gently Used Clothing Stores - These are the best places to find costumes and accessories at low prices. They are also good for purchasing infant/toddler costumes which are barely used (maybe once or twice) since children tend to grow out of their clothes very quickly.
    • Thrift Store - This type of shop is ideal for purchasing accessories for some costumes at reasonable prices.
    • Wholesale/Warehouse Store - Some warehouse stores such as Costco and Sam's Club carry a select variety of costumes for infants and young children at very competitive prices close to Halloween time.
    • Disney Store - This is the perfect place to find costumes of Disney characters ranging in age from newborn on.
  9. Do-it-Yourself: Another option is to make your own costume. There are many Do-it-Yourself kits available at fabric and craft stores. Although some require stitching, others do not require any sewing. There are also many websites and books which give you easy ideas on how to make your own costumes out of items easily purchased or available at home.

By following the above guidelines, you will be able to find the most suitable and comfortable costume for your child. Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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