How To Learn About Lesbian Parenting

Reports say that between eight and ten million children are now being raised by gay or lesbian parents. Gay and lesbian parenting is a hot topic in our society right now, with opposition claiming the children are emotionally and psychologically scarred by gay and lesbian parenting (even though most evidence says otherwise) and proponents claiming that gay and lesbian parents are just as good parents as heterosexual parents.

If you are looking to learn about lesbian parenting, the following tips may help you.

  1. APA (American Psychological Association). This site (link to the right) has a great article on it about gay and lesbian parenting. It's a summary of studies done that concludes that gay and lesbians are not unfit parents and that the children of gay and lesbian parents are not disadvantaged by having two mothers or two fathers.
  2. Our World Too. This is a great site (link to the right) that claims to be the 'ultimate gay and lesbian parenting resource.' This site offers articles about adoption, legal issues, surrogacy, artificial insemination, and even spirituality. They also sell baby items and books.
  3. 2Moms2Dads. This is another great website (link to the right) that offers information and resources about becoming a parent or about lesbian parenting. They also sell a 'non-traditional' family memory book. In addition, they offer an attorney referral process--so you can find an attorney for adoption and surrogacy issues.
  4. National Center for Lesbian Rights. This site (link to the right) deals with the potential legal issues related to lesbian parenting. It will take you through the different states' legal views on adoption and lesbian parenting. It will also give you resources about adoption and surrogacy.
  5. Check out The Lesbian Parenting Book: A Guide to Creating Families and Raising Children by D. Merilee Clunis and G. Dorsey Green. This very popular book discusses trends in parenting, and how to deal with issues like homophobia, being 'outed' by your children, and how to deal with questions about why your family is different from others.
  6. Check out For Lesbian Parents: Your Guide to Helping Your Family Grow Up Happy, Healthy, and Proud by Suzanne M. Johnson and Elizabeth O'Connor. This book is written by two development psychologists who are co-parenting their daughters. It's a great book about how to deal with society's view of their families and how to deal with some of the issues of lesbian parenting.
  7. Check out Heather Has Two Mommies: 10th Anniversary Edition by Leslea Newman and Diane Souza. This is a wonderful book geared to four- to eight-year-olds about having a different family, a family with two mothers. It's a very popular book.
  8. Look in your community for a lesbian mommy's group. You may have to hunt long and hard, but many communities are now forming lesbian mommy's groups. If you can't find one in your community, consider starting one yourself.


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