How To Try Speed Dating Services

A new trend sweeping the singles circuit is something called speed dating. This trend is becoming popular in a number of countries and it makes perfect sense. Dating can be painful for some people. If you meet someone and decide to go out with them, you usually realize if you will click within the first ten minutes.

Unfortunately, this means that if you do not click, then you may feel obligated to go through the entire date, hoping they do not get the wrong idea in the process. That is a long time to sit with someone you may have discovered you do not even like. Speed dating removes all these problems because you are on your 'dates' only long enough to meet a nice variety of people that you may or may not like and then it's time to consider your options before leaving.

Speed dating not only allows you to meet people, but it helps you to consider who you might like and do not like without having the pressure of having to commit to an actual date. The speed dating event is held in a sort of round robin fashion. You move from seat to seat meeting and spending 10 minutes with each date and then you're on to the next!

Of course, the main question then becomes "How do you make a match in ten minutes?"  You don't have to make a match in a complete way. Start simple and try making a good impression instead. At the end of the night, you turn in the names of the dates you had that struck your fancy. These people will be given your number and if they liked you, then they will have the chance to call you.  Likewise, you will receive the names and contact information for the people that liked you. You do not actually exchange numbers with the person you're speaking to. It's done for you based on your preferences.

You can find information on speed dating on numerous websites (see links) or you can look in the Entertainment section of your local newspaper to find local events. A good piece of advice is to take a friend with you. This ensures that you have a good time and have something to laugh about at the end of the night. You may not meet anyone you like, so keep a light-hearted attitude and go to have fun rather than to find romance.

Once you have found the speed dating event you would like to attend, consider the following options to make a good impression:

  1. Have fun - Make sure you are going into this with a positive attitude. This entire event is going to rest on your first impression. You have ten minutes to convince the person you are talking to that they would like to know more. You can do many things to make this happen. Start by smiling, offering a firm handshake, and maintaining eye contact. Ask the person you are speaking to what their interests are, and let them know yours. Most importantly, you will want to be yourself because this is what is going to attract people enough to make them want to request your contact information.
  2. Don't consider your experience a dating event - Many people have a tendency to get nervous when it's time to go on a date. Try thinking of your night out as a way to meet new people and enjoy a night out on the town. Rather than meeting someone on the street, you are going to a public event to do so. The nice thing is that you are under no obligation to like anyone you meet. However, you might go and end up having a connection with more than one person you meet.
  3. Observe the rules - One of the main rules is not to give out your contact information. You will be given a sheet with all of the names of those of the opposite gender who attended the event. When you go through the cycle and meet them, you can then check the name of the person if you are interested in them. At the end of the night, the person running the event will make sure you get all the numbers of the people interested in you and the people you chose will get your number. In addition to this, you should make sure to be polite to each person. Even if you are sure you do not like them, it will help the event go much smoother if you take it with a grain of salt. You would not want someone to be rude to you, so keep that in mind.
  4. Dress your best - Consider this evening like you would when you are going with your friends to a club or another event. You will want to look your best. Take a shower, brush and/or style your hair, and wear some perfume or cologne. Looks may not be the most important thing, but personal hygiene ranks pretty high on most people's list. You will want to show the people at the event that you care about yourself and that because of this, you look good! A good plan is to go casual. Do not wear anything too revealing. Just be yourself. Wear something you love to wear, and people will notice how good it makes you look.
  5. Talk in general terms - No one is going to want to spend ten minutes hearing about how you came to a speed dating event because your ex drove you into a depression and you haven't been able to find a date for the last year. Likewise, no one wants to imagine that you're a 40-year-old living with your parents, that you got fired and this event gave you something to do, or that you don't expect the other person to like you because no one ever does. This is the time to show people why they should want to talk to you, not why they should forget your name. Speed dating is all about making the people you are meeting want more. Show them your best attributes and you will be getting a lot of phone calls before you know it.


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