How To Learn About Single Father Parenting

Single fathers now make up about thirteen percent of single parents. Statistically, single fathers have more financial benefits than single mothers do, though according to statistics, they also do not communicate as well with their children as single mothers do. Currently, there is more research and resources for single mothers rather than single fathers, though that is changing.

If you are or about to become a single father, you may be wondering where you can learn about parenting geared for your life.

  1. Go online to Single Parents Network. This is a great message board for single parents. Happy father and son enjoying time togetherCommon topics include parenting, dating, discipline and how to juggle careers and parenting.
  2. Subscribe or purchase an edition of Fathering Magazine. This magazine is not entirely for single fathers, but about fatherhood and children. Fathering magazine also has articles highlighting what single fathers go through, tips to help them parent, and tips on how to start dating again. I've also included a link so you can check out this magazine online.
  3. Check out This website's motto his helping you become a better father. Like Fathering Magazine, this website isn't specifically geared to single parenting, but fatherhood in general, with many articles about being a single dad.
  4. Check out Mr. This is a great site that answers many questions single fathers have. Topics include dealing with an ex, discipline tactics, dealing with divorce and how to start dating.

  5. Go online to read Family This site has a great article that profiles single fathers and listens to their lives from their points of view. The article talks about how their lives have changed and how these specific fathers are dealing with single parenting issues.
  6. Read or borrow The Single Father: A Dad's Guide to Parenting Without a Partner (New Father Series) by Armin A. Brott. This book covers topics such as single parent fathering within a non-supportive system, age-appropriate tips and information for single fathers, discussions about you and your children's mother, and practical things like how to shop for kids and how to create a home for children. It even includes a chapter on dating as a single father. You can find this book at your local bookstore or
  7. Read or borrow The Single Dad's Survival Guide: How to Succeed as a One-Man Parenting Team by Michael A. Klumpp. This book also offers great tips on single father parenting. It is Christian-based, which may be a plus or a minus depending on your views.


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