Romantic Birthday Ideas for Men

Ideas for Birthday Surprises or a Romantic Dinner for Two

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So, you need some romantic birthday ideas for your paramour but pesky little things like time, money and stress keep getting in the way. It's no wonder you're in a panic - it can be hard to come up with romantic gift ideas, especially romantic gifts for him! Here are some guidelines on how to create romantic birthday surprises while keeping your pocketbook and sanity in check.

  1. His Personality. This is the first step to consider when getting ideas for a romantic birthday. If your beau is a low-key kind of guy, don't make him uncomfortable by throwing a huge bash. Instead, opt for something a bit more mellow and intimate. If he is very close with his friends and family, consider arranging a fete where they are all invited and are able to celebrate his special day. Seeing the time and effort you've put into coordinating schedules and making things run smoothly, and having all his loved ones around him at the same time, will definitely strike the right romantic chord. Again, think about what his idea of romance is. Some men think nothing is more romantic than having a girl to shoot hoops with, while others find quiet dinners for two the height of romance. Keep his idea of romance in mind and you won't go wrong.
  2. Ideas for a Shoestring Budget. Tight purse strings can get even the savviest of girls down, and it can be especially depressing when trying to say "Happy Birthday." Don't despair! Put the brakes on feeling sorry for yourself, roll up your sleeves and get ready to be creative. One of the most romantic birthday evening ideas - and inexpensive - you can use is to make a dinner for two. Spread a blanket out on the porch (or living room), light some candles, have some finger food ready, and presto: instant romantic dinner for two!
  3. Dinner at Home: Start with an invitation. Print or hand write an invitation on some nice stationery to your beau inviting him to spend the evening with you. If you are already married or living together, insist the pair of you get ready for the event in separate bathrooms (or at least different areas of the house), and have dinner already cooked (or catered) for the exact time printed on the invitation. Get dolled up and make sure to be on time. Have soft music playing, put some flowers in a vase (either on the table or floor) and get set to enjoy a romantic birthday dinner.
  4. Pool all your Money Together and Rent Himromantic birthday a Car. It may not be first on your list of romantic birthday gift ideas! Rent a car - and I'm not just talking any car - I mean renting the car his fantasies are made of! Pay attention (or ask him) when he mentions cars he'd love to own, or when he takes a particular interest in a car commercial (provided he's not just staring at the scantily clad girl in the ad, or in my case, a tribal group of men being dropped off at their village--true story!), and then go about securing it. The beauty of this is that you can keep your costs down (either by renting it for an evening, a day, etc.), and he may be inspired enough to treat you to dinner. Don't forget to make arrangements for taking the car back (his levels of romance may plummet if he has to adhere to a 6 a.m. drop-off policy).
  5. Have a Carefree Day. Playing hooky for the day is a great way to let the kid inside come out and play, no matter how old you are. Use a sick day and invite your other half for a fun-filled day of snow-cone licking, sandbox kicking, museum strolling all-out fun! Frolic in a sprinkler, have a picnic in the park, or go to the zoo (most zoos have at least one day a week where admission is free). Turn off your cell phones and remember what it's like to be a kid again. Don't forget the cotton candy!
  6. The Gift. Men love useful gifts so consider giving him an attractive briefcase filled to the brim with useful items, like high-quality socks, a sturdy coffee mug or some beautifully-crafted pens. Since men see the beauty in practical gifts, he'll love the fact that he can actually use these everyday items. On the other hand, if he's a technology buff or if he always needs to be connected, consider buying him the latest phone or MP3 player. Seeing how thoughtful, generous and kind you can be will make him feel very tender towards you (plus he'll see what a great catch you are!).
  7. The Actual Gift-Giving. You've come this far, so don't ruin it by just chucking his gift at him. Be creative and make as much ceremony out of the gift-giving as possible. Possible ideas are a scavenger hunt around the city, or if at a restaurant, have the waiters present the gift to him. Further, if you're giving him tickets to the most sought-after show in town, rent a limousine (if your budget allows it, of course), and let the driver give him his tickets. The key is to have fun and to be creative. Bearing these two key points in mind will ensure that he feels special on his birthday and that, in turn, will inspire romance in both of you.

Finding romantic birthday ideas for men can seem a daunting task at first, hopefully these tips will solve your dilemma!


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