How To Meet Wealthy and Successful Men

For years women have been hoping to meet a wealthy and successful man who is their perfect match! This is in an attempt to be able to enjoy life without having to work. By marrying a man that is wealthy a woman can afford not to work. In fact, some see dating rich men as a profession. 

If your quest to meet that wealthy and successful Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now) has been unsuccessful thus far, perhaps you are just going about it the wrong way.

  1. Go Where They Go: If meeting a wealthy and successful man is proving difficult, perhaps you aren't looking in the right places. Do some research on the city you live in. Try to find upscale restaurants and bars -- any place in the town where the wealthy socialize. Many cigar bars are popular spots for wealthy men to mingle. And what about country clubs? Most people who belong to affluent country clubs are very wealthy. Try calling the club to see about private tennis or golf lessons, or request a tour of the grounds. It is free of charge and you certainly don't have to join.
    You never know who you may meet at one of these places. Research any type of upscale activity that may be occurring in your community. Once you know what the activities are as well as where they are located, you can make plans to attend them yourself. This will put you where wealthy and successful men are and is a great way to meet one!
  2. Online Dating: Did you know that you can Man and woman enjoying their dinner dateregister at several websites in order to meet wealthy men? One of the best websites for meeting a wealthy man is MillionaireMatch. This website caters to millionaires looking to meet someone. The best part about this site is that you do not have to be a millionaire to join; you can even sign up for free. If this site isn't for you, try doing a web search of "millionaire online dating." Many different sites should pop up, ready for you to check them out.
  3. Do Charity Work: Okay, so some of your reasons for getting involved in the charity may be less than 100% altruistic, but you will be doing something good and perhaps meet a rich man at the same time. Charity work is a great way to meet a wealthy man; after all, charities rely on wealthy people to donate to them. Charities often have benefit nights, balls, and other social functions that would be the perfect opportunity for you to show a wealthy man your giving spirit.
  4. Go To Local Auctions. There are companies around the world that auction off a variety of antique, vintage and elegant items. The products range from precious jewels to home furnishings. Often wealthy men go to these places to spend money. You will want to mingle with the audience when attending an auction house. This will allow you to get a feel for who is single and who has deep pockets!
  5. Movies Premieres and After Parties. Without a doubt the best place to find a wealthy man is at an event put on by the entertainment industry. These gatherings will attract a number of celebrities who will attract wealthy men. But be careful. The events held by this elite group are most often very dressy. You will benefit by spending money on a designer gown and matching shoes. Showing up in casual clothing is a sure way to get ejected.
  6. The Local Day Spa. Call around to the upscale day spas in your city. These are places where rich, single men congregate to enjoy a day of relaxation. They can get a massage, have a steam and a few drinks. Once they are relaxed you can strike up a conversation and maybe make a connection with one of them.
  7. Begin With You: If you aren't meeting the man of your dreams, perhaps you need to tweak your look. Let's face it, most wealthy and highly successful men dress and act in a dignified way. You should, too. Perhaps invest in some designer clothes so that your image is a bit more upscale. If you normally wear heavy makeup, try toning your makeup down. Go for a more natural -- and sophisticated -- style.

    Also work on how you present yourself. This means your manners, your posture, and your graciousness. Most wealthy men have appropriate manners and expect the same in the women they're dating. Your posture is another important feature. Women who slouch tend to look sloppy. If you need help, try reading etiquette books. These types of books can offer valuable suggestions and advice on how to polish your propriety. Most wealthy men expect a woman they date to be dignified.

Meeting wealthy men may seem impossible. But it can be done, you just have to know where to look, how to act, and what to wear. And don't forget to keep your integrity intact. Ultimately you want to feel good about yourself and then attract a man worthy of your company.


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