How To Find Plus Size Wedding Gowns: Perfect Bridal Gown

Try on the Best Bridal Gowns for Your Body

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It may take a bit of looking but finding the right plus size bridal gown is not only possible, but also easier than you think. You want to make sure you find the best ones for you body type. These tips can help you know what to look for when shopping for plus size wedding dresses.

  1. Wedding gowns are usually ordered a year in advance. If you are going to diet and intend on losing some weight before the wedding, be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if the extra weight is something you actually can lose. If you have been overweight all your life, chances are the weight will still be with you for your wedding. Order the dress in the size you are now and if you do lose weight, alterations can be made before the big day.
  2. Have someone go with you when you shop for the gown. A relative or close friend will give you some honest feedback as you try the dresses on.
  3. Keep to a style that goes straight down or only flares slightly. A flared out dress will only make you look larger than you really are.
  4. You may not look good in popular styles such as a tube top gown. A heavy bride will look like she squeezed into it and will have rolls of fat sticking out from the breast and arm area, even if the size is right.
  5. Long sleeves and simple short sleeves look best on an overweight bride. Try to avoid puffy or ruffled short sleeves; they tend to draw attention to the upper arm. This is not a flattering look for a plus size bride.
  6. Avoid excess ruffles on the gown. These make the dress look wider than it really is and is more suited to an overly thin bride.
  7. You want the eye to travel as much in a straight line as possible when looking at the bride. So think of a line going down from your face all the way to your toes. Your perfect gown will have embellishments mainly in that area; the sides should be rather plain.
  8. You can still have as long and fancy of a train that you want because it is off the body. There are dresses with a lot of lace, pearls and rhinestones on the train if that is what you like.
  9. Your veil can be long. It helps carry the eye down when people look at you.

These tips will help you find the best dresses out there. There are beautiful styles of plus size wedding gowns, both formal and informal. Keep some of these tips in mind and you will not only find the bridal gown of your dreams but you will look great in it!


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