How To Use First Date Etiquette

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Dating can be tough; first dates even tougher. Not a lot of people look forward to having a first date. They can be nerve-wracking, leaving the dater wondering if she is using proper first date protocol. 

First dates can be successful; there are just certain things a woman needs to remember:

  1. It's Not All About You: Not a lot turns a guy off more than hearing about his date nonstop for the entire night. Remember, the date isn't all about you! Try to balance talking about your life with asking questions about his. The more you ask, the better you can get to know the man you are out with. And isn't the point of a first date trying to see if he is someone you may want to get to know a little better? It is important to ask him questions and show interest in what he is saying. Pay your date compliments. Even men love to hear they look nice; it is an ego boost. But don't overdo the compliments or you may come off a bit desperate.
  2. Old Boyfriends: Another big no-no on a first date. Don't talk about your ex! Don't discuss why you broke up, how long you were together, how much you miss him, or how great or horrible he was. Whatever you do, don't discuss him. Most men who ask a woman out on a first date have no desire to know that the restaurant he chose was one your ex-boyfriend took you to all the time. Exes aren't important on first dates! Keep your ex out of it!
  3. Drinking: Many women are nervous on first dates; some reach for the alcohol to help relax them. Try not to drink extensively on a first date. One drink is fine, but more than that and you may run the risk of getting drunk. Getting drunk often results in an embarrassing situation for both the woman and her date. After all, you don't want the impression your date gets from you to be one of a woman slurring her words or talking too loudly. It is better to be safe than sorry; keep the alcohol to a minimum on the first date!
  4. Timing: Don't be late for the date! If he is picking you up at your house, don't make him wait while you get ready. If you are meeting him at certain place, be there on time. Being on time is way to show your respect; your date won't like being kept waiting for you, even if you are worth it. It is better to just be on time!
  5. It's in the Eyes: Make eye contact with your date. Start from the moment he picks you up to the moment you end the date. Making eye contact with someone shows you are self-confident and shows you are interested in what he has to say. If you aren't looking him in the eyes, he may think you really could care less about what he is talking about. Eye contact is an important part of first dates!
  6. Cell Phones: Turn the cell phone off and put it away! Nothing is worse than a woman on a date who is on her cell phone. Does any woman truly believe a second date is in store for her when she spends the night ignoring her date while gossiping with her friend on the phone? Cell phones are a first date nightmare. Just say no!
  7. To Kiss or Not to Kiss: Kissing on a first date is really a personal choice. Some women have no problem kissing men they like after a first date. Other women are a bit more hesitant to do so. Do what feels right for you. If you really like the guy and he leans in for a goodnight kiss and it feels right, then go for it! If the moment just doesn't flow for you, then hold off. Remember, more than just kissing on a first date often doesn't leave the man wondering what may happen on the second date. Try to stop at just a kiss.

Remember, first dates make or break the potential for a second date. Make sure you know how to make that first date successful!


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Good advice!!
I think another important tip is not to order the most expensive thing on the menu...whether you plan on seeing the guy again or not. It's common sense and just not polite...yet you wouldn't believe the number of women who do it!

By Rachel P