How To Ask a Girl to Homecoming: Attracting Girls

Get Tips for Asking a Girl Out

Tuxedo? Check. Dinner reservations and after party plans? Check, check. Date? What, you need a date for these things too?

Asking a girl to accompany you to homecoming can be more frightening than getting a molar pulled. With a little planning and creativity, though, asking a girl out will be simple and enjoyable. Here's how to ask her to homecoming.

  1. It's not what you know, but who you know: You need to be realistic when you start attracting girls. Your perfect idea of a date might be the pretty girl that sits in front of you in math class. However, if you have never spoken a word to her besides the occasional, "Can I borrow a pencil," then your chances with her are slim. Even if she did agree to go with you, would you be comfortable taking a complete stranger? So unless you have a month or more to slowly get to know her, your best bet would be to ask a girl that you know, even if it is just as friends. The one never to ask is the one with a boyfriend or date already.

  2. Timing is everything: Hopefully you have not waited until the last minute to ask her. Girls are plan-ahead creatures. If you wait too long due to fear or laziness, you will find that most of the girls have dates. Give yourself plenty of time. The best time to ask is anywhere from a month to two weeks before homecoming.

  3. Creativity triumphs: Your chances of getting a "yes" might increase immensely with the help of a little creativity. Think about any romantic comedy you were forced to watch. There was at least one time in one movie that the actor asked the girl out or told her his feelings in a cheesy way. Many girls love this! You do not have to go Nicholas Sparks on her. Some ideas are to hang a poster, spell it out in her favorite candy or candles, make her go on a scavenger hunt, or bring her a rose.

    The girl you want to ask may prefer a less dramatic approach, another reason why it's important to know her prior to asking. When it comes to wording, you could ask her as casually as possible. The simple line, "I was wondering if you would like to go to prom with me," works great. Regardless how you choose to ask, the important thing is that the expression be genuine.

  4. When all you get is a "no": Sometimes a "no" is inevitable. It happens to the best of us. The best thing to do is to smile at her and tell her you understand. Don't get discouraged! If you know another girl that you would like to take, feel free to ask her. Ask her on a different day and in a different way. If there's no one at school or outside of school that you feel the desire to ask, then go alone. There is nothing wrong with going to homecoming by yourself. There are actually some benefits to flying solo for the night! You will save money, wear whatever colors you want, and be able to dance with whomever you choose. 

  5. Whether you get the girl or not, remember to have fun!


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