How To Find the Best Romantic Ideas

Looking to get romantic?  Are you like many other romantically-challenged people and have no idea where to even begin?  Relax!  There are many places one can turn to when wishing to find the best romantic ideas.

  1. Romance?  The Internet Has It:  Yes, you can find romantic ideas on the Internet.  This amazing technology has made it easy to find ideas on just about anything, even romance!  Begin with a simple search such as "romantic ideas" and go from there.  Your computer screen will be filled with some of the best, the most extravagant, and probably the most unique romantic ideas out there today.  You pick what is right for you!   Sites such as LovingYou or Romantic-Tips will give you many things to think about when trying to romance that special someone. 
  2. Pick Up a Book:  I don't mean a trashy romance novel, but then again, those do have some pretty steamy scenes...  I mean a book about how to romance your mate and keep the love alive. There are so many romance books out there.  Head to your local library or bookstore and pick up a copy of the following: 10,000 Ways to Say I Love You: The Biggest Collection of Romantic Ideas Ever Gathered in One Place, by Gregory J.P. Godek or 101 Romantic Ideas: Creative Ways to Romance Your Love, by Michael Webb. Read these books for some great romantic ideas!
  3. Ask a Friend: So you have run out of romantic ideas and you really don't feel like picking up a book or perusing the Internet.  Why not just ask someone?  Someone who you trust, like a close friend.  Maybe you have a close friend who is constantly surprised by her boyfriend in the romance department?  She may be a great friend to talk to.  Perhaps she can share with you some of the specifics that make her man so romantic.  Or better yet, go straight to that romantic source and speak to him.  He may be able to share with you how he pulled off a romantic night under the stars with a catered meal and soft jazz playing in the background.  It never hurts to get romantic ideas straight from the horse's mouth. 
  4. Learn About It:  One of the best ways to find romantic ideas is to learn from an expert.  So, if they are available in your city, why not take a romance seminar?  What is better than learning romantic ideas from an expert in the field? You will learn not only romantic ideas, but the "how-to's" of romance in general.  Try contacting a local community college, community center or even local marriage counselors for seminars or workshops that may be offered in your area.  If you are uneasy about taking a romance seminar or workshop, get a group of friends and have all of you attend together.  Getting a group of friends together for a talk on romance is sure to bring lots of laughs and some great ideas!

Romance isn't always easy.  Thinking of romantic ideas comes naturally for some people, for others it is a bit of a struggle.  If you are able to put some work into it, do some research or read some books, you will surely pick up some great romantic ideas along the way.  Then it is up to you to decide which romantic ideas to use to make the evening--or whatever is planned--extremely special!


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