How To Find Online Resources for Gay and Lesbian Parents

If you're a gay or lesbian parent, you may be wondering about parenting techniques specific for your needs. Luckily, there are many online resources for gay and lesbian parents.

  1. Gay Parent Magazine: This is an actual paper magazine you can subscribe to, but their website also contains articles on parenting issues, lists support groups and the cities they're in, lists gay-friendly public schools and has a section for letters from readers.
  2. American Psychological Association: This is an article from the American Psychological Association that discusses the fitness of gay and lesbian parents. It summarizes many studies on gay and lesbian parenting and concludes that gay and lesbian parents are just as good as heterosexual parents. It also discusses the prejudice that many gay and lesbian parents and their children have to deal with. This is a very positive resource for gay and lesbian parents.
  3. Lesbian and Gay Parenting: This is an interesting article that discusses the pros and cons about whether to come out to one's children or hide sexual preferences. It also discusses the pros and cons of maintaining a 'secret' relationship. Like the article from the American Psychological Association, this article touches on how gay and lesbian parenting is almost the same as heterosexual parenting, except for common prejudices and stereotyping that gay and lesbian parents have to deal with.
  4. 2 Moms2 This site provides links tailored to gay and lesbian parents. It offers a bookstore full of fun products for gay and lesbian parents, and an attorney directory. It also offers well-written articles for gay and lesbian parents dealing with any parenting issues.
  5. This is an site that provides links for gays and lesbians interested in adoption.
  6. You can also find books about gay and lesbian parenting on Amazon.
  7. Simply typing 'gay and lesbian parenting' or 'resources for gay and lesbian parents' into a search engine like Google or Yahoo will also help you find some online resources.
  8. A great resource for you might be chat groups, message boards and other forums where you can chat with other gay and lesbian parents and discuss parenting tips. Some forums are specific to particular cities, or gay and lesbian parents going through conception or adoption issues while others are simply for gay and lesbian parents. Forums have many benefits including anonymity, and the ability to chat with other parents any time of day from the comfort of your own home. I've included links to many general forums that may interest you.


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