How To Find Holiday Sales

Whether you're a shopping addict who can't get enough of sale prices or a shop-a-phobe who wants to get in, get out, and get home, you're probably still looking for a good deal on the presents you buy for the holidays. Where can you find sales so those great deals don't go untapped? Here are some ways to find holiday sales.

  1. Check websites. These days, it's the rare store that doesn't have a website. And of these stores with sites, it's equally rare to find one that isn't running some kind of holiday sale. You can check sales, some good only online and others good only in-store, and some good for both. Websites also usually have promotions for shipping discounts, too (if they're smart...) One advantage to shopping on the web? If some big sale item isn't in stock, you don't have to scour the whole store to find that out. You may also find that mall websites have listings for sales going on in their stores. And some sites, like CouponChief specialize in listing store sales and special promotions for customers.
  2. Snag the circulars. The holidays are a big circular season. Every store is trying to entice anyone who reads a paper or gets U.S. mail to come on down and spend some money. Check out circulars to see what's what in the world of holiday sales. Don't overlook circulars for stores you usually don't consider; you never know if that perfect odd gift for the colleague or cousin you barely know might lurk in there somewhere at a great price. You can also find special coupons in circulars, of course, which can also reduce the amount you end up spending when you check out.
  3. Get on the list. After you have done as much sale hunting as you can with the websites and circulars, make sure to see if there are any store e-mail or even regular postal mailing lists you can get on. Often, customers on these lists get the inside scoop on upcoming sales and are offered special discounts on products and shipping. You don't have to do anything more than sign up for the mailing list - and the information comes right to you.
  4. Search for promotional codes. I recently saw this sale-seeking trick on the nightly news. Simply go online to your favorite web search engine, type in the name of your store of choice and then the words "promotional codes." Strangely enough, you will get a listing of said codes, often good for online sales. For example, I just typed in the name of a popular bookstore chain and "promotional code" and got an alphanumerical code good for 25% off. Of course, not every store has such codes to offer. And I'm not sure if all this stuff is as "top secret" as it seems; some of these codes are probably available right on the store site. But it's still sort of fun. You may also find coupons for in-store discounts, too.

Shopping for the holidays can bring some people great joy while, for others, it's a chore they hope to get finished with ASAP. Everyone likes good prices, though, and anyone can find good prices with a little, easy pre-shopping sales research.


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