How To Find the Perfect Valentine's Day Card

Guys, you know there's a lot riding on this. Chances are you're reading this article because you've gotten it wrong once before. So here are a few things you should know about choosing a Valentine's Day card that will keep you out of the doghouse and in your beloved's good graces.

Out of the Doghouse

  1. By all means, do get a card. No matter what, get her a card! I don't care if you bought her a lifetime supply of Godiva chocolate, you still need a card. If the gift you bought her comes with a cute heart-shaped card of its own that is part of the packaging, you need a card. If you're not exactly sure of your relationship status, get her a card (just choose one on the lighthearted end of the spectrum).

    Women care about cards. The majority of card purchasers are women. This means that they spend a lot of time looking at cards, they know the kinds of cards that are out there, and they like cards. So consequently if you want to impress her, you're going to need to do the same-look at a lot of cards, know the quality of cards out there, and choose a winner! The only exception to this rule is if your partner has expressly stated to you, "Please do not buy me a Valentine's Day card this year." Then and only then are you excluded from this golden rule. This year.

  2. Don't get a card that is about some aspect of your partner that you wish were different. In other words, if you really wish that your girlfriend were into snow sports and she's not, do not buy a Valentine's Day card that has even one snowflake on it. You also don't want to choose a card that could touch upon any problem areas of the relationship. Say, for example, you've been wanting intimate relations more frequently than she-it's probably best then to stay away from cards that are full of innuendo. Finally, avoid areas of potential insecurity-if your partner just went on a diet, don't get a Valentine's Day card full of hoochie coochie dancers. You get the idea.

And Into Her Good Graces....

  1. The card must be unique. Pay close attention to what makes your partner unique. She wants to be cherished for all of those unique qualities that only she has, that you could never find in another partner no matter if you scoured the planet for the rest or your life. The card must show your appreciation of those qualities and demonstrate your understanding that you have landed the woman with the unique set of qualities that perfectly suits you!
  2. Your purchase must show that you've spent some time thinking about it. You can't just pick up the first-or even the fourth-card you see because she wants to feel that you have spend some time considering what she would like. She wants to be able to visualize you there at the card rack, hemming and hawing, wondering just which card she would prefer over the others. She does not want to visualize you dashing into a 7-11 and picking up a card along with your chips.

Bonus Point Strategies

  1. Handmade Card. You know the ones. These are the cards that are hand-stitched, hand-glued, hand-sequined, hand-beaded and have the price tag to prove it. Splurge.

  2. Your Personal Touch. Only you know what will surprise and delight your partner.....but try to come up with something a bit different, whether it's a card that gets delivered at her office by a male stripper or one on her windshield from an "anonymous admirer." Obviously you need to know your partner well before you try unique strategies such as these because you certainly don't want your good wishes to backfire. If there's a chance that she'll be either scared or embarrassed, skip it, but if you're sure she'd be delighted, then pull out all the stops.

Remember we all want to be appreciated by those we love. Take Valentine's Day as an opportunity to express your appreciation by finding the perfect Valentine's Day card for your beloved. And of course, don't forget to sign it by hand.


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