How To Find the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

It's that Sunday in May when the country stops to appreciate mom. You're trying to find the perfect gift but all you've got now is one mother of a problem. How do you find the perfect Mother's Day gift? Here are some tips that might help you on your search.

  1. Re-evaluate your concept of "perfect." People have all different kinds of ideas about gift-giving. If you're one of those people who is never quite satisfied with what you get your loved ones, realize that your perfectionistic attitude may be holding you back from enjoying the gift-giving process the way your loved ones probably want you to. Few moms want their kids to get stressed out over a present. And few people who attempt to achieve perfection are ever not stressed. So aim for a special gift, a meaningful gift, maybe even a funny or silly gift. But don't hold yourself to a standard of perfection or you may end up driving yourself nuts before the big day even arrives.
  2. Know thy mom. Remember that one key to giving a good gift is embracing that concept of "it's the thought that counts." Think about your mom, what she likes, what she needs, what she doesn't like, what she doesn't need, and pick a gift accordingly. Your mom may not make this easy if she's "tough to buy for," but do the best you can. You may need to use some spies, like your dad, your mom's friends or coworkers, or anyone else who may have heard her mention something she'd like to get. Or perhaps you're lucky and your mom is easy to buy for: You know your mom is a sucker for handmade gifts or family-related gifts; she has a favorite singer, sports team, or author she can never get enough of; or she makes it clear that all she really wants is the gift of some time with her family over brunch or dinner. In any case, using your mom's tastes as your guide will go a long way toward getting her a great Mother's Day Gift.
  3. Make it personal. Along with knowing what your mom wants, also consider how the gift you get her may reflect something about her connection to you. This could mean getting her a souvenir from a place you went together, making her something she taught you to make, or taking her to a spot for lunch that's special to both of you. Your mom wants to know that when you get her a Mother's Day gift, you're thinking about what she's meant to you and done for you. A gift that relates to your relationship can be a great way to let her know what you remember and notice about your shared history.
  4. Make it unexpected. If your mom isn't too much of a "gift" person and is usually quite happy with simple flowers or a card, mix it up this year. Instead of the typical card, send her ecards for Mother’s Day, or give her a bouquet of exotic flowers she's never seen before in her favorite colors or buy her a plant she can put in her yard. If you always take her to brunch, add something special to the occasion, like having brunchoutside, picnic-style or some place with live entertainment. It's not very often we surprise our moms, so why not try to do something unexpected for her on her special day?

Mother's Day doesn't have to be a pressure-filled time where gift-giving takes precedence over expressing real feelings and appreciation and having fun with your mom. Make this Mother's Day special by showing your mom you're thankful for her and really want her to have something she'll like--even if it's simply the gift of time spent with family.


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