How To Throw a Divorce Party

Friends having a blast

While a divorce is often an event that is filled with a lot of hurt and remorse, the fact is that some people experience a great deal of relief that a bad situation is now behind them. In cases like this, the only logical thing to do is throw a divorce party. Here are a few things to think about should the need arise to pull together a divorce party for yourself or a friend.

  1. The great thing about a divorce party is there are not a lot of traditions that one has to observe. You can make the party into anything that you want it to be. For example, you can have a beautiful seven-course sit-down affair followed with drinks and a piano in the background. Or you may want to go with balloons, confetti, a buffet loaded with foods that taste great and are bad for you, accompanied with the loudest and most lively music you can find. It's your party and it can have any tone you want it to have.
  2. When it comes to the invitations, be creative. You may want to go with something along the lines of, "You are invited to celebrate the renewed freedom of Mr. John Smith this coming Saturday evening at 6 p.m. Bring your appetite and plenty of well wishes." If the divorce was messy, you may want to get in some last little digs with something like, "You are invited to my Hawaiian-style divorce celebration this coming Friday evening at 7 p.m. While we will be having roast pig, it will not be my ex on the spit."
  3. Make sure your guests know the tone is to be festive and lots of fun. That means no pity party, just lots of laughs as you launch yourself into this new phase of your life. Tell them that while you won't be too upset if someone brings along a dartboard made with a picture of your ex, you do want to keep the focus on the future, not the past.

  4. As to whom you invite, make sure it is people who mean a lot to you. This will mean relatives, friends, coworkers, and neighbors, just about everyone who has stood by you during the difficult times. They will be part of your support network as you move forward, so use this party as a way to let them know they are appreciated and that their efforts are paying off.
  5. For you personally, see the divorce party as one way of putting closure on the marriage that is no more. Use the party to remind yourself that you were a whole person before you ever got married, and you are a whole person now. The divorce party is the start of your new life and is to be a time filled with a lot of laughs and well wishes.

Above all, make your divorce party into what you want it to be, and you will find that the morning after, you will have a lot of great memories to propel you into your future. After all, that is what a party is all about.


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