How To Find a Mother's Day Gift from the Kids

Kids love to give gifts almost as much as they like receiving them! It gives them a sense of independence and accomplishment and helps to make them feel good about making someone else happy. And what better day for your child to give a gift than on Mother's Day? By picking out the perfect gift for Mom, you are telling her that she is the most wonderful mom in all the world.

Here are few suggestions to help find the perfect Mother's Day gift on any budget:

  1. Homemade gifts. Kids like creating things and moms love getting those cherished handcrafted gifts. There are oodles of sites that offer great crafts that kids can make themselves. A simple Google search for "mother's day crafts" will yield you approximately 2,100,000 websites, and the first page of results is enough to give you plenty of ideas. You will be able to find crafts that younger children all the way up to adults can make on their own.
  2. This is an awesome website if you would rather purchase a gift, but do not want to leave your home. They have a wide range of unique and heartfelt gifts and some can even be personalized. There is something for every mom here!
  3. Gift cards. You can purchase gift certificates from just about anywhere nowadays. Think of things that Mom likes to do. For instance, is she into movies? Get her a free movie pass. Does she like to eat out? Restaurants offer gift cards for different incremental amounts to fit your budget. Or maybe she likes to be pampered? How about a gift card to a beauty shop or manicure shop? The sky is the limit with gift cards!
  4. Outdoor Picnic. A neat gift to give Mom on Mother's Day is a picnic that is personally prepared. Get out a blanket, some plastic utensils, napkins, plastic cups, and place it all in a picnic basket (or a Play-Mate container). Go to a nearby park or even your own backyard. Oh, don't forget the food. Depending on a child's age, the lunch can be simple or extravagant. The point is, Mom will know you love her. If it rains on Mother's Day, have the picnic indoors.
  5. Coupon Books. They are an all-time favorite with kids and moms! You can find a template to make your own coupon book at DLTK. You get to customize it anyway you like so it is your original design. How cool is that!

These are just a few of the many things you could do for Mother's Day. I hope you find them useful. I wonder what I'll be getting for Mother's Day this year...


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