How To Look Good in Your Wedding Photos

Of course the very best memories of your wedding will be captured by your mind's eye, not the camera. But the photos will be what end up in the album, so might as well look your best! Here are a few tips to looking good in your wedding photos:

  1. Don't skimp on the photographer. Everyone looks for places to trim costs when planning a wedding, but skimping on your photography budget is not the place to do it. If you have a choice between a photographer and a photographer and an assistant, go for the latter since two sets of eyes are better than one. Also ask for a wide variety of shots--color, black and white, candid and posed--and increase the options you have to choose from.
  2. Foundations, foundations, foundations. Your foundation is, well, the foundation that your wedding outfit is built upon. For the most flattering fit, you'll need high quality foundations beneath your dress, whether this means a bra, corset, girdle, full body stocking and/or a slip. I recall the outdoor wedding of a friend of mine whose white wedding frock was backlit....and completely transparent....throughout the ceremony (though she made a distinctive impression, I'm not sure it was the one she intended). You don't want backlighting-nor any unsightly waistline spillage-ruining what would otherwise be the perfect photo.
  3. Professional makeup job. Have the bride, bridal party and the mothers of the bride and groom get made up by professional makeup artists. Just because you're using a makeup artist doesn't mean that you can't have a natural look.....remember, you call the shots. Even a little foundation to even out skin tone goes a long way when it comes to your wedding photographs. Use waterproof eye makeup in case you turn on the waterworks.
  4. Hold your bouquet down low. You probably don't carry bouquets of flowers all that why would you know this? Anything in your hands looks much more flattering when held at your waistline or lower where it won't obscure your décolletage. "But you don't have much of a décolletage," you say? See Foundations above!
  5. Increase your odds. Since everyone and his brother has a digital camera these days, encourage your friends and family to bring their cameras to the wedding. Make a few ground rules clear, i.e. don't get in the way of the professionals and no shots of Aunt Edna after she's tied one on, but other than that, encourage them to shoot away....the more photos there are, the higher your odds of finding some you'll enjoy. Some professional photographers prefer to take formal shots without other cameras nearby so check with your photographer about the presence of other cameras at the formal shots.
  6. At ease. Remember that we all look our best when we are relaxed and having fun. Hopefully you've chosen a venue and ceremony that fit your style so that you and your husband can really relax and enjoy yourselves. And don't forget to eat, too.....maintaining your blood sugar will help to keep smiles on your faces.

My favorite wedding image was of me and my husband sailing off together into the unknown, leaving family and friends on the dock behind. Although no one captured that shot on film, it is forever emblazoned in my mind. Remember that no matter how those photos you're worrying about turn out, you will have indelible memories of your wedding right where you can access them 24/7. So most important of all, enjoy your big day!


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