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  • How To Keep a Work Relationship Secret

    If you're in a relationship with a coworker, read these tips to help you keep it private so that it doesn't turn into gossip at the office.
  • How To Keep the Communication Alive in a Relationship

    Communication is vital for emotionally secure couples. Here's how to keep communication alive in relationships.
  • How To Keep Your Man Faithful

    If you want to make sure your man is faithful, and stays faithful, use this article as a guide.
  • How To Kiss a Woman if You're a Shy Guy

    Are you a shy guy? Well, get this... many women love shy guys. Read this article to learn how overcome your shyness and move in for that first kiss.
  • How To Kiss and Impress

    The time has come in your new relationship to kiss and impress your new love. Read these tips to make a lasting impression and not send your partner running.
  • How To Keep Facebook and MySpace from Ruining Relationships

    Do you snoop on your partner's Facebook or MySpace page? Are you the jealous type? Read these tips to keep your Facebook and MySpace pages from ruining your relationship.
  • How To Make a Dating Scrapbook

    A dating scrapbook makes a unique gift for your significant other or a cherished book for yourself.
  • How To Keep a Woman's Attention

    Did you know there is one key element to keep a woman's attention? Read our tips for keeping a woman's attention and you will have a loyal partner.
  • Handle a Cheating Boyfriend

    Infidelity can make couples feel apprehensive, hurt and can make it hard to trust each other once more. To handle a cheating boyfriend, the following steps may be...
  • How To Add Romance to a Long-Distance Relationship

    Adding romance to a long-distance relationship may be trying at first, but with imagination romance can blossom even from thousands of miles away.
  • How To Find the Top 10 Internet Dating Sites

    Are you single and feel you lack something in your life? Here's how to access links to the top 10 Internet dating sites.
  • How To Report Date Rape

    If you have been a part of a sexual act that you didn't consent to, you can report date rape. Here are some tips to help you report date rape.
  • How To Talk Like a Southern Gentleman

    Southern gentlemen have a distinctively charming manner of speaking. Their conversations reflect their traditional values and distinctive style.
  • How To Choose a Pet Name for Your Boyfriend

    You're trying to choose a pet name for your boyfriend, but you don't want to use an old standard; your man needs a pet name that is perfect for him.
  • How To Cancel a Date

    Sometimes, unexpected events occur when you are planning to go out with someone, and you must cancel the date. Read three ways to cancel a date.
  • How To Find Christian Dating Sites

    Here's how to find a decent Christian dating Web site and also some to stay away from.
  • How To Overcome Romantic Jealousy

    Follow these tips to overcome romantic jealousy before it ruins your relationship and self-esteem.
  • How To Date a Capricorn

    Dating a Capricorn can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Capricorns are known for their stubbornness and slow but steady pacing in dating and life itself.
  • How To Date a Cousin

    Dating a cousin may cause problems. Relationships with first cousins have always been taboo. More distant cousins can usually date.
  • How To Choose a Pet Name for Your Girlfriend

    Calling your girlfriend by her regular name can be unromantic. So, you want to give your girlfriend a cute pet name - how do you choose one?
  • How To Play Footsie

    When playing footsie under a crowded table, be sure you play with the correct person's foot. You don’t want to find your best friend's husbands foot!
  • How To Prepare Your Place for a Date

    Bringing a date back to your place can be intimidating. What should you do to prepare for a date and make sure that your place is date friendly?
  • How To Break Up With a Good Guy

    There's nothing wrong with your guy but you just don't like him any more. There's a proper etiquette to breaking up with a good guy.
  • How To Date a Doctor

    So you want to date a doctor. Whatever your motivation, dating a doctor can be fun and fulfilling--but before you can do it, you'll have to find one.
  • How To Show Appreciation For Your Girlfriend

    Flowers, chocolate, and a great movie are things that most girls like, but to impress a sophisticated woman you need to step up your suave.
  • How To Handle a Blind Date

    Some people despise blind dates above any kind of date, but you can handle a blind date with class - and even have fun - with the proper preparation.
  • How To Date a Leo

    Dating a Leo is never a dull experience! Be warned, this lion won't hesitate to protect what's his. He isn't afraid to tell you what he wants.
  • How To Get Someone to Like You

    To get someone to like you, learn how to like yourself. There are several steps to learning how to get someone to like you.
  • How To Keep a Man Interested

    Many relationships unfortunately reach a point where a woman may feel that her man is no longer as interested in her as he used to be. Regardless if this is actually...
  • How To Investigate a Potential Date

    This article will show you how to perform your own private investigation on the person you're thinking about dating.
  • How To Find a Gay Community

    Sadly, even today it’s rough to find places you fit in if you’re gay. How do you find people you can hang out with who’ll accept you with open arms?
  • How To Date a Punk

    You may be surprised, but you have just fallen in love with a punk guy or girl. The only problem is, you are nothing like your crush!
  • How To Date an Aquarius

    To date an Aquarius, you must realize that he is very independent, and probably feels that you must earn his love, friendship, or respect.
  • How To Date a Princess

    To date a princess you don't need to be a prince. There's only room for one royal figure in the relationship, and she has decided it's her.
  • How To Date a Gemini

    Gemini partners can be challenging, exciting, and unpredictable all at once. Dating a Gemini requires patience, versatility and spirit.
  • How To Compliment a Woman

    Your initial compliment to a woman may determine the status of your future involvement with her.
  • How To Forget About an Ex

    How do you forget about someone who once meant the world to you? Ten tips for forgetting about an Ex.
  • How To Date a Virgo

    Want to know how to date that Virgo you have had your eye on? Or how about knowing how to date the one you caught just now?
  • How To Introduce Your Girlfriend to Your Parents

    If you want to be certain that your current girlfriend might just be your future wife, then put your relationship to the ultimate test: take her to meet your parents.
  • How To Plan a Romantic Weekend

    So you want to take your significant other on a romantic weekend. You can make this time into a memory that you both will cherish, if you start with the tips below.
  • How To Find a Girlfriend Online

    Finding a girlfriend online can be easy or difficult, depending on many factors. Some of these factors include your source, dating experience, and personal dating...
  • How To Get Him to Call You After the First Date

    If you really like this new guy, and want to know how to get him to call you after the first date, then plan your strategy well.
  • How To Date a Biker

    Dating in and of itself can be a daunting task, but dating a biker is a whole new story.
  • How To Compliment a Man

    Here are some ways to properly compliment a man, for you cannot go out and buy a bouquet of roses or just write him a mushy card.
  • How To Handle a Cheating Boyfriend

    A cheating boyfriend causes hardship in any relationship. Learn a few simple, rational ways to deal with a cheating boyfriend.
  • How To Create a Romantic Atmosphere

    If you're planning a date night at home, a romantic atmosphere is a must. This makes the night extra special and shows your partner how much you care.
  • How To Stop Jealousy in a Relationship

    Jealousy: it's one of the most divisive emotional responses in any relationship. What do you do when your new lover won't let go of your past?
  • How To Date a Nice Guy

    Finding a nice guy these days is the proverbial needle in a haystack, so be sure you appreciate what you have if you find him.
  • How To Meet Up With Your Ex

    Meeting up with an ex can be an awkward situation. This is the case because it is hard to see him or her as anything other than your ex.
  • How To Date a Widow

    If you are interested in dating a widow, a slow course should be taken. Begin by offering friendship to this woman and slowly increase your meetings.