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  • How To Hire a Dating Service

    If you are lonely and do not have many dates, it may be time to consider hiring a dating service. You have quite a few options from which to choose.
  • How To Be a Bad Guy

    Girls don't go for the bad guys because they are hoping to be ignored and cheated on; women go for them because they exude confidence.
  • How To Deal With Your Girlfriend's Pet

    If you are dating a girl with pets, be prepared to accept Fido as family. Animal lovers are a unique breed of people, and are devoted to their pets.
  • How To Dress for Speed Dating

    Finding a good speed dating outfit is hard, but looking good builds anyone’s confidence. A confident woman is attractive no matter what she's wearing.
  • How To Date a Friend

    When considering dating a friend, begin by talking to each other to make certain you are in the same place emotionally and are ready to take your relationship to the...
  • How To Write a Cohabitation Agreement

    Learn how to write a cohabitation agreement, a legal document prepared and agreed upon by both individuals to outline specific relationship obligations.
  • How To Date a Shy Woman

    If you're beginning to date a woman who is shy, don't worry; the more she feels comfortable around you, the more she will open up. Read tips for dating a shy woman.
  • How To Make an Ex Jealous

    Learn several ways to make your ex jealous by getting them to think that you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend in your life.
  • How To Date a Lawyer

    Attorneys, like many other professionals, are passionate about their work, and it's helpful if you share some of their enthusiasm. Read tips for dating a lawyer.
  • How To Date a Shy Man

    Choosing the right place to dine will make a difference in a shy guy's willingness to relax and open up. Read more tips for dating a shy man.
  • How To Cancel a Date at the Last Minute

    If you changed your mind about a date or life has gotten in the way of your date, follow these steps on how to cancel your date at the last minute.
  • How To Make Small Talk at a Bar

    The first step in making small talk in a bar is to be at a bar where you feel comfortable; then you're more likely to find people with common interests.
  • How To Break an Engagement

    Although it is never easy to break an engagement, you need to do what will make you happiest in the long run. Read suggestions for breaking an engagement.
  • How To Date a Taurus

    This amiable Earth sign will give you quite a few twists and turns, but nonetheless a satisfactory relationship. Learn more about dating the Zodiac sign, Taurus.
  • How To Date a Cancer

    Dating a Cancer can be an exciting time, whether the relationship is casual or serious. Learn more about the traits of a Cancer and how to date this Zodiac sign.
  • How To Date a Libra

    Libras are represented in the Zodiac by a set of scales, which is fitting because most people born under this sign constantly seek balance. Learn how to date a Libra.
  • How To Date a Pisces

    Partners of Pisces need to be aware of their traits, as well as positive and negative factors. Learn the needs and wants of a Pisces for a successful dating relationship.
  • How To Date a Sagittarius

    Dating a Sagittarius will result in someone who will never fail to amaze you. Learn the traits of a Sagittarius and embrace their wild side.
  • How To Be Manly

    The question of how a man can be manly has many answers, but the most important view is that of the woman who is first in his life. Read other ways to be manly.
  • How To Date a Scorpio

    With Scorpios, what you see is what you get, but sometimes their prickly personalities are a cover for limitless devotion for those they care about.
  • How To Make a Boyfriend Overcome Shyness

    While it's not your full-time job to get rid of your boyfriend’s shyness, there are some things you can try to make it easier for him to overcome.
  • How To Find Unique Gifts for Women

    Finding unique gifts for women, whether your girlfriend, wife or mother, can be difficult. So here are great gift ideas for different occasions and the different women...
  • How To Use a Dating Service

    All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, an email address, a photo and some writing skills. Here are the simple steps in using an online dating service.
  • How To Date a Male Model

    Dating a male model may seem like an impossible dream. Want to know the secrets behind landing one of these amazing specimens of physical perfection? Here is how to...
  • How To Bring up Children

    Children are the future not only for parents but for society. Here's how children can be brought up so that they can become good and responsible citizens.
  • How To Confess your Love

    Some traditional as well as some unusual ideas on how to tell your special someone you love her.
  • How To Deal With a Stalker

    There are many ways to deal with a stalker. Don't hesitate to contact the police, or to warn your friends and family not to give out your information.
  • How To Get Revenge: Tips for Getting Even

    When planning your ultimate revenge tactics, consider your method carefully. While getting even with revenge can be satisfying, it’s easy to cross the line and end...
  • How To Tell if a Girl Likes you in School

    It can be hard to determine whether a girl in your school likes you; this article tells you how to figure out whether the girl of your dreams is dreaming of you.
  • How To Control Emotion

    Many times in life you may have regretted uttering certain words when very angry. To control your emotion, take note of these suggestions.
  • How To Turn Your "Girl-Friend" Into Your "Girlfriend"

    If you have been wanting to date one of your women friends, this article will teach you how to make it happen.
  • How To Kiss the First Time You Meet a Girl

    Every man wants to know the right and effective way to kiss a girl when they first meet her. This article will give you step by step directions on how to kiss the girl.
  • How To Conquer a Fear of Dating

    If you truly want to conquer your fear of dating, try to consider the following suggestions.
  • How To Show a Guy that you Like Him

    To show a guy that you like him, understand what not to do. Following him around and showing up when he's hanging out with his guys friends does not show a guy you...
  • How To Hug a Girl

    Giving a hug may seem simple at first, but if you are in a new relationship, hugging a girl can be an awkward new experience. If you have no idea, here’s how to hug...
  • How To Make a Girl Fall in Love with You

    Have you spotted a girl that you think you’re in love with? If you’re feeling strong feelings for a girl, you’re probably worried about how she feels about you....
  • How To Break Up with Someone Properly

    Leaving your partner is never easy. But sometimes it's best for both of you if you just move on. Here's how you can break up with someone properly.
  • How To Handle a Romanticized Friendship

    When one of two friends starts to cross the borderline into romanticized friendship, it becomes uncertain, uncomfortable, uneasy and unsettling.
  • How To Break a Prom Date

    If you've made a date for the prom but later find yourself wanting to break the date, you can be stuck in quite a situation. Here's how to break a prom date in the...
  • How To Ask a Woman Out on a First Date

    If you have trouble finding the courage and correct way to ask a woman out, here are a few tips for asking a woman out on a first date:
  • How To Break Up with Someone the Right Way

    Breaking up with someone is notoriously difficult, but sometimes it becomes necessary. After all, most relationships end in breakups.
  • How To React When Your Ex Gets Engaged

    Your ex is engaged to somebody other than you? Relax. Whether you still love your ex or not, here are a few tips on how to react when this happens.
  • How To Use Teen Dating Services

    If you are a teenager who wants to join teen dating site services, try to inform your parents so that they could give you advice that you may need.
  • How To Act and Not Act on a First Date

    This article explains to men not only how to avoid the potential pitfalls of a first date but how to succeed at getting Date #2.
  • How To Forget a Guy

    Ending a relationship with a guy causes a great deal of heartache. Follow this guide and you will be able to forget about him and move on with your new life.
  • How To Tell If It's Love or Just Lust

    If you think you have fallen in love at a first meeting, examine your thoughts and feelings well, because it might be lust you are experiencing, not love.
  • How To Survive a Failed Relationship

    How will you forget the guy that has been the center of your life for sometime? Here are some useful and helpful tips.
  • How To Tell if Your Relationship Can Be Saved

    What if you wake up and find that your partner is not into you anymore? Will you try to save your relationship? How can you tell if your relationship can still be saved?
  • How To Recognize a Potential Cheater in a Relationship

    How do you detect a potential cheater? What are the signs and symptoms to look out for? Knowing these things can help us bail out of a potentially harmful relationship.
  • How To Tell if a Guy is a Prince or a Frog

    Women have to watch out for themselves and make sure they don't get duped by men who appear to be perfect princes at the start, but turn out to be horrible frogs in...