How To Bond with your Son

Father talking to his son

Bonding and spending time with your son is a must for his proper development and for the emotional and mental growth of the whole family.  Typically, a father bonding with a son is easier than a mother since it’s a male to male bonding where similarities in interests come in play.  Furthermore, a son will normally admire and look up to his father much more than his mother.  This goes the same way with a mother-daughter relationship.  Regardless of your gender, you still need to bond with your son.  There are many ways to accomplish this without compromising the interests of a typical boy.

  1. Get a haircut together.  One of the simplest ways to effectively bond with your son is to visit the barbershop for a haircut regularly together.  This is a great way to build a foundation for a father-son relationship while teaching him how to groom himself regularly.  If you are a mother, this might not be your cup of tea and bringing him to a beauty parlor may give your son other ideas.
  2. Bring your son to where you work or on errands.  Taking your son with you to your place of work or when you are running various errands is a very efficient option for you to spend quality time with your son without compromising your time for work and daily duties.  This bonding can be another way to instill certain values such as hard work and responsibility.  It is important for you to explain every facet of the work you do to your son for him to understand and value it.
  3. Play with your son.  Most of your young son’s time is spent in play.  A parent playing with his son is probably the easiest way to form a relationship.  Your son will be able to see you in a lighter angle where you both have fun.  This is especially important if you are a parent focused on a disciplined home and lifestyle.  It is good for your son that you can have fun despite the stern and strict rules you employ in the home.  Play some Lego and video games with him.  If he is into sports, then toss a ball around or shoot some hoops.  An hour a day can go a long way.
  4. Develop a secret handshake.  An awesome way to create a bond with your son that can carry over to his teenage years is to develop a cool and suave handshake that you two can share every time something is going great for either one of you.  Doing this will instill the idea that a father can be a friend too and will make it easier for him to open up to you later on in life.
  5. Engage in a regular activity.  Another great way to build a bond is to regularly engage in an activity that only both of you can do, whether it is sports, exercise, cleaning the house, cooking, or doing a puzzle.  Try to schedule this activity at least once a week with him so that you always have that special time that you two can share.

There are literally thousands of ways of you can bond with your son.  It is not that difficult and time consuming.  Just a simple activity like watching TV together can be very significant to your relationship.  The important thing to remember is that quality time with each other should be done regularly and that time should be spent with you sub-consciously instilling values and lessons he can use in life.


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