How To Make Cheap Wedding Centerpieces using Jars

During wedding celebrations, one of the most awaited parts is the reception. This is when we get to eat delicious foods served on designed tables. The centerpiece usually accentuates the table’s design. Wedding coordinators carefully plan what to put as centerpieces to make the tables look beautiful. If the couple to be wed is on a tight budget, you can suggest that you make the centerpieces for them. Use cheap materials, such as jars to design the centerpiece. Transform these plain-looking bottles into designer ones. Use them to beautify the reception tables.

Here are the steps on how to make cheap wedding centerpieces using jars:

  1. Count the tables. Knowing how many tables to decorate will help you know how many jars you need. Coordinate with the wedding planner. Ask how many tables are expected to be propped up for the reception.
  2. Collect the jars. Gather up the number of jars you need for the centerpieces. You can use old jars just as long as they look presentable. You can also purchase them from supply stores. Ask your friends and families to give you some jars that you can make use of. Gather up these jars in various sizes.
  3. Clean the jars. Wash the collected jars with soap inside and out. Peel off sticker labels. Dilute vinegar with water. Use this solution to easily remove the labels. Rinse the bottles thoroughly. Make sure they don’t smell like vinegar. Let the jars dry. You can also dry them with a towel.
  4. Get ribbons. Choose fancy ribbons that match the wedding’s color scheme. Select the design according to the event’s theme if there is any. Also, get ribbons that can make the jars look elegant.
  5. Get fillings. Choose what you like to put in the jars. You can choose from flowers, chocolates, stars, candies, and the like. You can even fill the jars with colorful glitters for a more festive look.
  6. Design the jars. Cut the ribbons to an appropriate length. Tie the jars’ neck with the ribbon and make a bow for a fancy look. The length of the ribbon must still flow down the table after tying. You can also tie the ribbon at the center of the jars’ body instead of the neck. Then fill each jar with your chosen fillings.
  7. Make the arrangement. Experiment with the sizes of the jars. Choose which design will make a great wedding centerpiece. Take photos to easily compare. Get your friends’ opinions, too. They may be able to help you decide.

Show your final design to the wedding coordinators. Awe them with your creativity. Design each reception table with your masterpiece. Arrange a special jar design for the presidential table. Don’t forget to make special arrangements for the sponsors’ tables, too. The wedding coordinators might even get ideas from your creation. They may even give you a big break and let you become a part of their team. You could even suggest to the bride and groom that your jars could be part of the wedding souvenirs too!


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