How To Break a Prom Date

If you've made a date for the prom but later find yourself wanting to break the date, you can be stuck in quite a situation. After all, your date may have already made special plans for your evening. Here's how to break a prom date in the best way possible:

  1. Do it as quickly as possible. Your date may be planning the dinner, a limo, their clothing, or other preparations for the evening. Breaking the prom date as quickly as possible can ensure that they don't get too far in the planning process. It can also give them time to find another date. If you wait until just before the prom, they might not end up being able to go because you've ruined their plans.
  2. Don't lie about not going. Don't try to break a prom date by telling your date that you've decided not to go, if you've actually decided to go with someone else. There is a very good chance that they will see you that evening with your new date, and figure out what happened.
  3. Don't try to get them to break the date first. This is dishonest and not considerate of their feelings. Don't exaggerate the cost of prom night to get them to bail, or become intentionally overbearing about making prom plans.
  4. Be honest, but nice. If you're breaking the date because you're going with someone else, weigh how much of the truth you want to divulge. Be nice about breaking the date, and don't make your date feel that you are bailing on them simply because you hated the thought of going with them. White lies can be acceptable in this situation, but only if they are absolutely necessary.
  5. Understand their feelings. Your prom date may be justifiably angry at you for breaking the date, especially if you never intended on going with them in the first place and just accepted the date until someone else asked you. Be understanding, especially if they never want to talk to you again.

No matter why you want to break your prom date, it can be done as long as you do it with your date's feelings in mind. Break the date as soon as you can, and be honest yet nice about it. Word it as gently as possible to avoid making them feel rejected, but understand that they will probably be upset.


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