How To Buy the Perfect Wedding Frame

After the most important day in any couples' life - their wedding, keeping the memories of that day to commemorate the occasion is absolutely necessary. From the coffee table book photo album to the scrap book of each detail of the wedding, all these are as important as finding the perfect picture frame to hold your picture, the picture of the most important day of your life. This day is said to be when the bride is at her prettiest. So what should you remember when buying the perfect wedding picture frame?  

Here are a few tips on finding or making a frame that would best suit you: 

  • Personalized photo frame. You can either make your own personalized photo frame, or you can order online and just simply personalized it by adding in your favorite romantic quotes or even putting in an excerpt from your vows. Making your own personalized photo frame would also be a fun thing to do together as newlyweds. You'll probably need cardboard and other craft materials that one usually uses for baby scrapbooks.
  • Collage. Create a collage of the best shots or the best moments of you and your husband, not only during the wedding, but also add in some photos you have shared over the years while you were still dating. A collage is a work of formal art made from an assemblage of different forms, which then creates a new whole.

There are other things to consider as well when finding or buying the perfect wedding picture frame. You also need to consider the material, the cost and how it would aesthetically blend with the interiors of your house or wherever you would be displaying the frame.  

Here are some of the materials you might consider: 

  1. Metal frames. For durability and longevity, metal frames would be a good choice. There are a lot of finishes available for metal frames, and you will have wide choices offered. It really depends on your taste and the look you want to be able to achieve. Some of the most featured types of metal frames are the following:

    • Black Magic. This is graced in satiny black with a touch of enchanting brushed silver or gold accents. This metal frame is one magnificent decoration and would be best used for a fine art poster or a black and white photograph.
    • Precious Metals. This style is wider and rounder than most frames, and there are a lot of colors to choose from. This is strong enough to hold even large pieces and is able to give accent to a painting, poster, or etching.
  2. Wood frames - A wooden picture frame is very versatile and can be use in many homes. There are so many classic and rustic wooden frames that you can use to hold your wedding picture or any art work or even a family portrait. Some of the wooden frames are made of cherry, walnut, oak or pine and you could have it in a finished look or unfinished.

When buying the wedding picture frame, the best way to determine which way to go or what to buy is by imaging it on your wall with your wedding portrait. 


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