How To Get Cheap Wedding Favors

If you’re about to get married, a lot of details are clamoring for attention in your mind – the wedding and reception venue, the number of guests, the wedding entourage, the dress, wedding invitation ideas, the ring, the food… and the list goes on and on and on. Though planning a wedding certainly has its pressures and complications – not to mention expenses - it’s good to know that in one or two aspects you wouldn’t have to worry too much or break too much of a sweat over. One of these aspects are wedding favors you would give away during reception. Who says you’d have to break the bank to get really good wedding favors for your guests? Here are some ideas for really cheap but creative wedding favors that could help you out:

  1. Edible wedding favors. Who doesn’t like food? So why not take a popular favorite and make it into a wedding favor. Some very simple edible wedding favor ideas include giant cookies, flavored brownies, or little cakes. These foods could symbolize your wedding. For example, you could have it shaped to show the date of your wedding; or it could take the shape of a typical wedding symbol like church bells or a dove. If you like cooking or baking then why not create these favors yourself. You’d definitely score big savings this way. Then again, you could also order large batches from your favorite bakery and have them put these in small, personalized boxes.
  2. Bath and shower favors. Another option would be to give away bath and shower favors such as miniature scented soaps, bath salts, hand cream and shower gels. You could order these wholesale, and then have them inscribed with wedding details such as your names and the date of your wedding. Here’s a tip: look for instructions on how to make homemade soap. Enlist your close friends to make big batches of soap to give away as party favors; have them wrap the soap in paper of your chosen design. Tell them that all their effort will be their wedding gift to you; you could also return the favor when it’s their turn to get married.
  3. Practical wedding favors. You could give away wedding favors that your guests would be sure to use, such as magnets, pens, coasters, mouse pads, and so much more. For these wedding favors to stay within budget, you could hunt for generic brands of useful items, negotiate for a wholesale price, and then have them personalized.
  4. Cute and decorative items. You could make your wedding centerpieces serve a double purpose by giving them away as favors. For example, you could give away the place cards as a token; other items could include candles with personalized ribbons wrapped around them; miniature potted plants; monogrammed tablecloths; and miniature diamond-shaped glass table decorations. Other favor ideas under this category include wedding bubbles, baby favors (to anticipate your future family)… the ideas are virtually unlimited!

These are just some of the ideas you could use for your cheap wedding favors. Remember, you shouldn’t feel too pressured about thinking of the best wedding favor to give your guests, since first of all it’s easy enough to find a great wedding favor without having to spend too much money and effort; plus, since it’s your wedding, they’d be sure to be happy for you no matter what! Relax, and have fun choosing!


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