How To Find a Diaper Laundry Service

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There are many reasons as to why cloth diapers are once again gaining more popularity over the disposable ones. Households with an infant to take care of, and which are either concerned with budgeting their money wisely or helping the movement for a greener environment, find cloth diapers more fit for the job than the single-use plastic and paper pulp diapers that are being sold on the market. This is for the sake of practicality and convenience. Since a newborn baby uses as much as a dozen diapers in a single day alone, (that is more than 4,000 diapers in a year), using cloth diapers is ultimately less expensive and less wasteful.

Moreover, many disposable diapers are actually made of chemically treated materials, as well as dyes, glues and synthetic perfumes, so health-conscious parents might also think it better to use natural cotton instead to protect their baby's skin. The problem is how to launder cloth diapers.

You cannot, of course, put cloth diapers in with your other laundry. You might not even want to put them inside a compartment of your laundry sorter, especially if they are heavily soiled. You can wash them at home by rinsing the soiled diapers in the toilet first, and then putting them in a pail with a sprinkling of baking soda and leaving them there until you're done with your other laundry and the washing machine is free. You can wash as many as two dozen diapers at one time, but no more than that. Do a cold soak and rinse, then follow this up with a hot wash and then another rinse. Substitute baking soda for fabric softener or bleach, which can irritate the baby's skin. You can dry the cloth diapers on a clothesline afterwards, or set your dryer to a high temperature to kill microbes.

If you are staying at a hotel or do not have the time or the patience necessary for this, you can always turn to commercial laundry for help. A standard laundry business might not take in dirty cloth diapers, but there are diaper services, which would be more than happy to, and with the laundry equipment and training to ensure that your baby's diapers will be properly sanitized. Depending on the service, you might even get laundry coupons.

These are the best resources for finding a diaper laundry service:

  • Diaper Net gives in-depth information on cloth diapering and parenting. You can also find some links here to help you search for diaper services available in your city or country.
  • Dinky Diapers is a laundry service operating in and around the areas of Bath and Bristol.
  • Pure & Natural Seattle Diaper Service offers home diaper delivery services in Seattle.
  • Sydney Nappy Wash is another diaper laundry service, this time operating in Australia.

Another site you might want to check is, which covers just about everything concerning parenting.


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