How To Find a Safe Baby Stool Softener

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Constipation is a common gastrointestinal disorder wherein a person experiences problems defecating. This happens when the feces hardens due to several factors. It may be due to minimal or no intake of fiber-rich foods such as vegetables, dehydration or taking any form of diuretic medication. There are several cases of constipation and its symptoms. Chronic constipation occurs when the symptoms lasts for more than 3 months. It is often associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Severe constipation on the other hand, involves a more unconventional way of treatment. It uses medical devices and therapies to stimulate the sacral nerve, which is responsible for regulating bowel movement. Most constipation cases can be treated by increasing the intake of liquid such as water and dietary fiber. Lactulose is a type of a fiber supplement that can safely relieve constipation. Laxatives can also provide minimal constipation relief but only through a limited amount of time.

Taking this medicine is discouraged, for the bowel movement may become dependent with its use. Infants are the most common targets for constipation. Switching from breast milk to infant formulas can be a trigger for constipation. The use of stool softeners can help a baby reduce and eliminate stress from bowel movement. The most common signs of infant constipation can be easily detected through the infant's stools. The infant has constipation if the stool is dry, hard and contains streaks of blood. Here is a list of effective stool softeners in the market.

  • Colace is one of the most commonly used stool softeners. Its generic name is docusate sodium. Its main purpose is to reduce anal strain caused by constipation. It is important to seek advice from the doctor before using Colace for infants. It is also better to have the infant checked for other gastrointestinal disorders. Always refer to the dosage requirements according to the package insert. You can mix the liquid medicine with the infant formula for easier intake.
  • Surfak is another brand name for docusate sodium. It is formerly known as Kaopectate. This stool softener works the same way as Colace. It comes in different forms like liqui-gel, liquid and enema.
  • Senokot is a natural and efficient way of treating constipation. It is made from organic ingredients. Senokot stool softeners provide gentle yet natural relief from bowel movement discomfort.
  • Flax oil or flaxseed oil is a natural stool softener. It is obtained from seeds of flax plants. Not only is it good for reducing bowel movement strain, it is also a proven heart-healthy ingredient.

Infant constipation may not be a very serious condition but early treatment can be beneficial. Changing infant formulas and increased water intake can also help relieve the strain. Treating infant constipation is easy. Knowing the best method to use for treatment can be helpful and rewarding at the same time. Taking care of an infant is easier as long as they are healthy, comfortable and happy. As for any medical condition, it is better to prevent rather than to cure.


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