How To Find Common Holiday Traditions

With some of the important holidays quickly approaching, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, it's time to get in the holiday spirit. However, when it comes to holidays, people celebrate things differently. If you're thinking about trying something a little different this year, then consider looking into various common holiday traditions.

If you're in the market for some common holiday traditions, the best place to find them is through your family and friends. Each generation is raised differently and has different traditions. Parents and grandparents are a valuable resource to finding out what traditions used to be around that might have died out, which gives you the chance to reinstate those in the family. Also, your friends have had different experiences growing up than you, so chances are they have some interesting traditions to tell you about, too.

Once you've asked friends and family, then the next best place to turn is the internet. By doing a quick keyword search of ‘common Thanksgiving traditions' or ‘common Halloween traditions' or whatever the holiday is, you can find numerous great ideas for traditions. Some might be old traditions that you did as a child but no longer do, such as making a wish on the wishbone of the Thanksgiving turkey.

One tradition you might consider that works well for nearly all holidays is going to parades. Some people might already have incorporated this into their holiday spirit, but for those who haven't it's a great way to get in the holiday spirit and spend time with the family, especially those with young children. Parades are great for all ages and every major holiday has them, so it's something consistent to look forward to and enjoy.

Other common holiday traditions you could incorporate into your celebrations might involve your choice of food. For example, around Christmas different families have different main meals. Some people still have turkey, some have something less traditional, etc. Find whatever works for you and your family, especially if it's something that you don't get to eat very often because that will make it an extra special treat! If you know someone who hunts or a place where you can get it, venison meat makes a good tradition. Many families with hunters enjoy eating venison especially at Christmas once the deer season is over.

Just keep in mind that the key to traditions is repetition. If you really want to make a tradition stick, make sure to do it every year.


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