How To Find a California Divorce Lawyer

Although divorce can be a painful personal experience, you need to make this inevitable decision if you and your spouse are no longer fit to live together. Whatever the reasons for your impending divorce, be strong, avoid being too emotional, and be as rational as possible. In this predicament, bitterness will not help you at all. So wipe those tears and stand tall. If anything, the best thing that you can do at the moment is to look for a good divorce law firm.

If you live in California, finding a divorce lawyer will not be that difficult. California prides itself of excellent lawyers who specialize in family law. Searching for the right one who will help you go through the divorce process is just a matter of time and discernment.

Here are some tips that you might find helpful in your quest for a California divorce lawyer:

  1. Learn your local divorce law before facing any of your prospective lawyers. This will help you understand the ins and outs of divorce proceedings and it will also protect you from possible deception in case you make the mistake of hiring the wrong lawyer.
  2. Choose a California divorce attorney in your locality. So if your domicile is in San Jose, don’t hire someone from Aguanga. The distance will cause so much inconvenience on both you and your lawyer considering that he will have to travel far to personally represent you in court hearings.
  3. Consult your family and friends for they might be able to recommend divorce attorneys who can best defend your interests.
  4. Get in touch with the California Bar Association for referrals. By giving them your personal details as well as your situation, they will be able to recommend to you a specific attorney who can assist you in obtaining the best results out of the divorce suit. Furthermore, if you belong to the low income bracket, the California Bar Association can help you find a lawyer who is willing to give you legal assistance based on fees you can afford, or if you are lucky, even at pro bono arrangements.
  5. Be careful not to hire a lawyer who has some connection with your spouse, his family, friends and business associates. If you do hire a lawyer who has association with your spouse’s circle of acquaintances, there might arise conflict of interests later on.
  6. Evaluate the lawyer you are about to hire in terms of the following factors: Does he specialize in family law? Has he successfully handled many divorce cases in the course of his professional practice? Is he a known bull’s eye negotiator? Do you aspire for the same results? Is he handling other cases that may be in conflict to your claims? Do you regard one another with respect? Can you afford his professional fees?

Looking for a divorce lawyer should not be done in haste. Despite your desire to finally get over that unpleasant situation you are in right now, refrain from taking short cuts by picking a lawyer at random. Whatever is the root cause of your conflict with your spouse, you have to make sure you will be able to get the best deal out of the separation.


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