Handle a Cheating Boyfriend

Infidelity can make couples feel apprehensive, hurt and can make it hard to trust each other once more. To handle a cheating boyfriend, the following steps may be helpful.

  1. Acknowledge and accept your feelings of disappointment, anger, and sadness over the infidelity.
  2. Don't hold yourself responsible for his actions. Keep in mind that you can't be accountable for anyone's conduct other than your own.
  3. Try to reserve your feelings and look at the circumstances from a stranger’s point of view. What suggestion would you offer to your friend?
  4. Assess whether his actions have permanently damaged your faith in him and in your connection. Do you suppose he won't repeat his actions in the future?
  5. Face your boyfriend and tell him precisely how you regard his actions. Let him understand that deceit is not a pleasing conduct in your relationship.
  6. If you believe you need to understand why he cheated on you, obtain finality and listen to his details. Remember that paying attention does not indicate you agree with, condone, or accept his actions.
  7. Never allow him to influence your feelings with lovable words of admission of guilt or promises not to cheat again. Be sensible.
  8. Check with yourself if you would be happier with him or without him. Can you prolong the relationship after his betrayal?
  9. Find a positive outlet for your feelings of frustration and anger.
  10. Allow time to mourn over the disloyalty. Whether you reconcile with him or not, pardon him for his acts so you can mend and go on with your life.

When you have confirmed that your boyfriend is cheating you, confront him and listen to his details. Some boyfriends do not want to accept they are at fault. They always want to think that if the relationship does not work, it is not their fault but the girl’s fault. At first offense, the cheating boyfriend may be excused, although as a girlfriend, you have to be cautious about his moves. In other words if you confirmed once that your boyfriend had been cheating on you and you gave him another chance, the new relationship will not be the same as the previous one.

However, if the cheating boyfriend immediately admits that he has cheated and tells you that he has another girl who he thinks could give him sweeter love, be ready to accept it. At first it would be difficult especially if you have trusted him so much and loved the guy very much. But you should not force yourself to be loved by somebody whose love has already faded. Think of a positive outlet for your anger.

After the initial period of grief, you have to stand up as a woman. Do not consider yourself a villain but a hero. Show your former boyfriend that you can have another boyfriend with better credentials than he has. This time use your head not just the heart. Move on and consider the past as a failed relationship.


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