How Dads Can Make a Difference in the Lives of Their Children

Being a father is exhilarating and rewarding, especially if your children's lives are influenced for the better because of you.  Would you like to be ‘the best dad in the whole world' for your children?  Here are some ways you could to just that:

  • Be present.  Even just living with your children can already make a difference in their lives.  Children who grow up with both mom and dad are more likely to grow up with healthier self-esteem than children with an absent father.  However, just being physically present doesn't make you a good father.  You must be prepared to really be there for them: to sustain them with your support, attention and most importantly, your love.  Stay with them when they need you.  Be appreciative of their talents and their unique characteristics.  Give gifts and hugs.  Attend their birthdays and plays.  They will be thankful that you did.
  • Be a leader.  This doesn't mean that you have to dictate everything to your children.  This means that you have to teach them values such as discipline and responsibility. Whenever they make mistakes, be forgiving and let them know that to err is human.  If you punish them whenever they did something less than satisfactory, they may not seek to explore new things or take up a new activity for fear of being wrong.   Being a leader means leading your children to live a good life, so prepare to serve them when they need you in anyway you can.
  • Be an inspiration.  By living an exemplary life, you could teach your children to do the same.  Teach them good moral principles, always remembering to practice them yourself.  Make them aware of the many good role models that they can follow, from storybook heroes to real life people in history.  As much as possible, shield them from influences that may not exert a good effect on them, especially at times when they are most vulnerable. Children always follow what they see, so show them that it is possible to be a better person and to make dreams a reality.
  • Be ready to help.  You can help your children in many ways, and a simple way to show them your support is through giving them an education.  An education will help them become independent people who have the potential to succeed someday.  Also, you can listen to them whenever they need to talk to someone.  Try not to be critical or judgmental about their viewpoints and opinions but seek to correct misconceptions and give useful advice when they ask for it.  Answer their questions truthfully, tactfully and according to their level of comprehension.  Participate in problem solving and goal setting with your children, but make sure it is okay for you to do so or they might resent your influence on them.  Give them a helping hand in their activities if they can't do these on their own.  Do your best to help them whenever they have problems, whatever these may be.    

How would you like your children's lives to be changed today?  Try out these tips and be the father your kids want you to be.    


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