How Over Stimulation Will Prevent Babies from Sleeping

How many times have you experienced having your baby awake all night when he should be sound asleep? You have tried all sorts of strategies to make him sleep, but he just will not doze off at all. You think it is because you may have given him too much food during the day, or perhaps he just does not like to sleep yet. Fact is, your baby has been over-stimulated just before you were ready to put him to sleep.

There are a lot of ways that he can be over-stimulated, and this can happen because of several reasons. One major way that your child can be over-stimulated is when you have guests in the house and he is handled by the guests, fussing over him and giving him a lot of things to eat. The house may also be full of noise and music, and this makes your child fret a lot when he is about to be put to sleep. Thus, your baby's activity level has been increased, and you have no way of toning his feelings and agitation down. Whether it is a positive or a negative stimulation, your child needs to be stabilized emotionally and psychologically during early evening. Otherwise, you will have a fretful baby all through the night. It is important to remember that over-stimulation happens when your baby has been held by people and you did not make sure that he has taken a nap.

Thus, as a parent, you ought to watch out for those times when your child is hyperactive and goes to all lengths just to stay awake. He definitely has had too much stimulation during the day, and that will now make him stay awake for a long time during the night. One strategy you can do is to try to ease him into a relaxing routine. This can come in the form of a bath done in a routine way, at the same time each day. This bath can smooth out his frayed nerves. After his bath, gently massage him with baby lotion. Tell him a story while rocking him to sleep. Do not spend too much time in front of the computer with your baby--this can over-stimulate him.

A lot would also depend on the temperament of your baby. Those who are extra sensitive would need to be handled well, with enough planning so that he will not be a source of stress for you during the night. Some physical manifestations of an over-stimulated baby are loud screams, kicking, waving of hands in irritation and many more. You need to be able to prevent these manifestations of over-stimulation from occurring at all because it would be a sleepless night for you too. There are a lot of ways that you can make your baby sleep soundly at night, and this needs planning on your part.


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